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Want to write up an application but don't have the time for that certain character at the moment? No fear! Come on down and put a hold on your character. Don't forget you only have a two week waiting period to keep that character, so please be wary of your time. A moderator will comment with the date that your hold expires. If you have not finished your application by this date, you may comment to extend your hold for one additional week.

You are allowed to place only one character on hold at a time. When you reserve a character, it is assumed that you will be applying for that one. You cannot reserve one character and app another. If your extension expires, you must wait one week before placing a hold again; however, you may still submit your application, providing no one else places a hold in that time.

Characters from new movies, books, series or newly introduced characters cannot be applied for or reserved until two weeks after the release or their introduction.

Holds are not mandatory, please don't put up a hold if you're going to submit your application right after AND PLEASE DON'T SPAM THE HOLDS POST.

Note: Applications and Reservations for teachers are currently open for canon classes

Please specify which class you're putting a hold for if you're apping a teacher.