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Q U E S T I O N S & C O N C E R N S P O S T

Have a comment or suggestion about something that you think needs work in the community? Have an issue concerning a fellow player and you're unsure how to handle it discreetly or get in touch with those involved? Have a personal complaint about someone else's character performing actions that you consider OOC? Just want to send the mods some love? This is the place for it!

Keep in mind this is not a place for you to cause drama or insult your fellow players or moderators, we expect all issues and comments to be respectful to all of those they involve. Personal problems between muns not relating to the roleplay should not be stated here, and those doing so will receive a warning. All comments will be screened for privacy reasons. Please utilize the form below.

Again, all comments are screened. You can expect all matters to be handled with discretion and we will address them as soon as we are able. Thank you.