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As players and moderators of a game there are certain rules that everyone should abide by, we request that you take your time to read over this list and acquaint yourself with the some of the regulations that this community upholds. They are listed below. Any time a new rule has been added it will be posted in the main community to let players know what is going on and keep them informed.

1. Drama between players is not tolerated at all. This is the internet, not serious business; we're all here to have fun. If any problems do occur, it must be brought to a moderator asap. We would prefer if you didn't take any issues to rp!s or other open forum comms, as it will get back to the moderators eventually.

2. No godmodding. For people who don't know what that means, it means you're deciding the actions of another persons character without that mun's consent. You need permission to do things with another persons character, you can't just be all willy-nilly about it. You get one warning if this happens and if you do it again, you will be banned.

3. The Fourth Wall is not meant to be broken like the Berlin Wall. Pay attention to posts where things are private and hackable. Just because you know something about a character, doesn't mean your character knows it. This is also known as meta-gaming and not tolerated.

4. Staying in character is an absolute must. Yes we have crack events, but that isn't an excuse to get out of character. It's your responsibility to have them react as if it would have happened in canon. People are also not their characters, so if someone's character is a dick to yours, it doesn't mean the mun is a dick to you. If you think someone is blatantly ooc, you are allowed to report it to the moderators. Before you do that, we do have monthly community-wide HMD posts on the 10th of the month where you are free to give constructive criticism.

5. All Harry Potter canon beats your characters canon. This means that when you apply, you're making that character fit in the game, not the other way around. You have to think 'how would their canon convert to this type of setting?'

6.Your character is either a human, or a ghost. Ghost will mainly be teachers or occupants of the castle, not students.


All Animagi characters must be mod approved to avoid an influx of something that there shouldn't be a large amount of in the first place. In HP!canon Animagi are all kept track of by the Ministry of Magic, it is illegal to be one without registering. In HP canon, James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, spent three whole years extensively studying it before they could successfully accomplish such a feat. Of course, this particular incident also required utmost secrecy, not even Dumbledore knows, much less McGonagall. Please keep this in mind! There is no possible way that a character can learn such a trait so simply. This took years. As well as the fact the teacher who knows it well, McGonagall, would never show favoritism to any student. She's known for being fair, strict, and impartial, and would never encourage students, no matter how talented they are, to undergo Animagus transformations.

You can't apply for registration if you do this illegally so don't even think about it, or take Miss Rita Skeeter. She was an illegal animagus, which was how she was able to get her news stories but illegal is illegal people, if you are gonna do it illegally, at least know there will be repercussions if you are caught! McGonagall would never allow this either, even if in the books that was how it was portrayed. Please do not think this is something you would get away with so easily.

Metamorphamagi are also allowed in [ profile] sortinghat_rp but, this is a very rare trait that someone is born with and it's rarer than an Animagi. If you'd like your character to have this trait please check with a mod if it's okay. This trait works well with characters that can change their appearances in their canon.

Once your character is accepted, you have to wait one month before a mod approves the Animagi ability.

6b. In regards to Vampires and Werewolves, these creatures exist in Harry Potter canon and do exist in [ profile] sortinghat_rp canon as well. Characters are allowed to have one of these two traits if you wish for them to have them; it is preferred though that it is a canon trait they carry. Werewolves aren't born werewolves, they become them when another werewolf bites them. Vampires are not allowed to eat any students. Previous vampire characters have had them take a potion to help curb their blood cravings and make it so they can go in the sunlight. You can use any method that works for you, however, as long as no one dies. Werewolves canonly have the wolfsbane potion they can take at the full moon and the use of the Shrieking Shack for a place to keep themselves and others safe. It is asked that if your character is either if these two creatures, that they do not openly flaunt it around as in canon werewolves are shunned and vampires are not considered wizards at all. Vampires are made in this canon, not born [This means you died and are a reanimated corpse.] If at any point the mods feel that your characters canon is delving too far from the HP!canon on Vampires and Werewolves, you will be asked to change it. No ifs, ands or buts. This is one part of the canon that we do not want to have create a problem. If you're not sure about something, ask a moderator.

6c. Please try to refrain from having your character be part Veela. Veela are not considered witches or wizards, they are magical creatures; though Fleur is part Veela in canon, she's only a small portion (at least 1/4) and boys still swooned over her. Having a character that's 50% Veela would be dangerously potent. Not to say that a character with Veela ancestry is completely out of the question, it's just something that we discourage to prevent there being a high amount of something that's not very common in the first place. Do remember that if your character is canonically charming and charismatic, they still can be without having the influence of Veela blood.

7. No legilimency/occlumency without consulting a mod. Legilimency (mind-reading) and occlumency (preventing one's mind from being read) are both difficult skills to learn and require a degree of natural talent to master. If you think your character should have mastered one or both of these spells, or show a beginning proficiency, please contact a mod with your reasons why.

8. Plagiarism is not tolerated. This goes for your application, it should be in your own words and not copypasta from wikipedia or any other source of online information. If you're caught doing this, you will have to wait two weeks before being allowed to reapply. You are also not allowed to use rp samples that do not pertain to the game. We want to see it in the HP Universe.

9. Stay active. Our activity requirements are One post/log OR One thread totaling 10 comments. a month. A post is any IC post in your character's journal, and does not require a specific number of comments to count toward activity. A thread is an IC conversation between two characters, and must be ten comments in length and not in your character's journal. A log is an in-person interaction between two characters, posted on the logs comm. Activity Check is posted on the fifteenth of every month, and must be replied to by the end of the month with links to your character(s)' activity. We're not going to babysit you and go 'hey, why aren't you posting?' If you're on hiatus, it's also your responsibility to post it on the hiatus page. It's easy as buying store bought pie to stay active here.

10. If you drop a character, you must wait a week before applying or putting another character on hold. That being said, if someone drops a character that you'd like to try and play, you are not allowed to apply or put them on hold for a week.

11. We tolerate all forms of relationships in [ profile] sortinghat_rp. Remember though, building up to a relationship is just as much fun as diving in. If things go into nsfw territory, it must be locked to the community with warnings, and tagged on the logs. If that is largely what you joined Sorting Hat to do, we highly recommend museboxes instead of the main community.

12. There is a five character limit, however if you prove to be very active, you can apply for additional spots; up to ten.

13. Original Characters and Canon OCs can be applied here

14. Harry Potter canon characters are not open for application.

15. Characters from new movies, books, series or newly introduced characters cannot be applied for or held until two weeks after the release or their introduction.

16. You can play a maximum of 3 characters from the same fandom, so long as they don't have particularly close relations. However, we reserve the right to decline a third character from the same canon if the canon doesn't have very many characters.

Last updated:March 27th, 2013.