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Ready to apply? Well, you are in the right place! Hop on down and copy-paste the application, but first we would like it if you went over a few things before you find yourself diving into game. We would really appreciate it if you went over the rules, as well as the taken character list to make sure the character you are applying for has not been taken already. You also might want to check out holds just to make sure. You can't be too careful you know.

Please make sure that you read over the FAQ and the HP canon guide to clear anything up, and if you feel like something has not been mentioned, post a comment and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If having difficulty with your application, we recommend you give the Application Guide a look over as well.

T H I N G S T O T A K E N O T E O F;

1. The mods have the jurisdiction to approve or deny any application submitted.

2. You can post your application with whichever journal you choose. If it's easier, you can also link to your application.

3. You may only apply for ONE character at a time. Once that character is approved than you may choose another. A player is not allowed more than one un-responded to application on the application forum. For all new players to the RP, we ask you wait one week before applying as a new character, this will give you time to settle in to the community.

4. Before you apply, make sure your character is not a Canon OC! Characters that don't have much backstory or never speak but you can get inferences of their personality are considered Canon OCs. The application form for these is located here. On the other hand, if the character's canon is ongoing and it's still early in their introduction, we recommend postponing your application until you can get more information on them.

5. When applying for a Hetalia Character, we request that you phrase the Canon history in the context of the comic, as opposed to the actual history of the country. This is so we can see how the history translates in to the anthropomorphic character.

6. PLEASE KEEP OOC CONVERSATION OUT OF THE APP POST! At least keep it to a minimum if you are going to say something such as 'huzzah for [fill in character name here]', get their AIM and tell them in person. I am sure they would rather hear it that way.

7. We don't have App Cycles at this rp. If applying for a:
Student: The most important thing to remember for students is that they are students who go to school. Be prepared to observe all student rules, meaning there are IC consequences for fighting, sneaking out after curfew, and pranks. That doesn't mean not to have fun, just know your character can get in trouble for it! There are also classes with homework, but signing up and doing school work is optional. More info on student rules are here and these spots will always be open.

Teacher/TA: Keep in mind what characters are suitable to teach, and pick a subject that makes sense for them (and for Hogwarts if it's a non- canon class). There is a maximum of two teachers and two TAs on any given subject and occupied teacher and TA spots can be seen there. Teacher characters should do Homework often, which can be posted here. Teachers are encouraged to give out detentions, house points, and overall, remember that they're teachers. More info on teacher rules are here. Currently: OPEN TO ALL CLASSES

Staff Member: Similar to professors, minus the assignments, they have a degree of authority as well, but not as much as teachers. They focus on working in the hospital wing, library, grounds, etc. Just like professors, they shouldn't entirely neglect their jobs for social interaction and will use the same application form as teachers. Occupied staff positions can be seen here. Currently: OPEN TO ALL CLASSES

8. If your application is:
Accepted: Congratulations! Follow the instructions, add yourself to all the lists, and welcome to Sorting Hat!

Wavered: We think your application could use a few improvements to be up to the quality of our roleplay. You have a week to adjust these issues before the character is up for grabs again. If you reapply and we still don't find it up to par, you will be rejected.

Rejected: There are significant problems with the application, so you must wait one week before reapplying or reserving that character (unless you already have a hold on that character, but you can't renew it if the hold expires). However, if you want to apply a different character, you can do so whenever.

S T U D E N T A P P L I C A T I O N || T E A C H E R A P P L I C A T I O N

REAPP: Stephen Stills | Scott Pilgrim | Student; 1

[identity profile] 2011-11-05 07:51 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Jabi
Timezone: Mountain
Personal Journal: [ profile] bananajai
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: CaptTimeTravel
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Sengoku, Hiyori, Tooru, Bak, River, Sena, Italy, Minato, Rasiel, Juta, Chidori, Leon, Wilbur, Stephen, Link, Yukimi, Crane
How did you hear about us?: Crackers.

Character Information
Name: Stephen Stills
Canon Origin/Series: Scott Pilgrim (
School Year: 6th
Gender: 100% Ma-male.
Age: 16
Out of School living location: Kent, England
Blood status: Muggleborn

Re: REAPP: Stephen Stills | Scott Pilgrim | Student; 2

[identity profile] 2011-11-05 07:52 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: The best words that could describe Stephen would be 'laid back'. He has little to no temper (except when it comes to Scott) and usually takes things in stride. Only when it comes to the band does he break his cool exterior and start to get a little panicky or enthusiastic. It's obvious that he does love his musical career. He does everything he can to get his band to the top (numerous gigs, album recordings, practices) and is always worried that the band sucks. Too much stress makes him physically ill, and he'll even throw up if it gets to be too much.

He tries not to get too involved in other people's problems, but he's not above listening to them either. He is certainly the type of person you'd want to talk to if you're looking for good advice. He's essentially a relationship masochist as he stays friends with Scott despite all of his stupid antics that lead to getting himself in trouble constantly, and because he dates Julie over and over even though everyone knows she has a terrible attitude.

Canon Background: Stephen Stills is one of Scott's closest friends, the lead singer, and guitarist of their band Sex Bob-omb. He went to college with Scott where they started a band along with Scott's then girlfriend Natalie "Envy" Adams. That idea didn't work out, but a few years later they had another band along with Kim Pine. Throughout the course of the books, his major role is to worry about whether or not the band sucks and tell Scott how much of an idiot he is. He lives in a house Neil Nordegraf (dubbed Young Neil), and works at a vegetarian restaraunt named The Happy Avacado where he helps Scott get a job. It is mentioned a numerous amount of times that he dated Julie Powers off and on since at least college. In the beginning of Volume 4, he becomes obsessed with recording for the band, and this goes on all the way through Volume 5 and a bit into Volume 6. After Scott smashes his own bass in Volume 5, Stephen starts a new band with Joseph and Cole (yet another friend from college). He pops in every once in a while throughout Volume 6, but doesn't have a major role. The of volume 6 is the last time we see him. Somewhere around the course of Volume 5, he realized he likes guys and is now dating Joseph. Scott asks him if Julie turned him gay.

Background (AU!Canon; HP): CrimsonStephen Stills was born in Toronto, Canada to a Muggle mother and father. He was raised there for eight years before his parents split up, and he moved to Kent, England with his father. It was a bit of an adjustment for Stephen, but he managed to make a few friends in the city, a majority of them he's still friends with.

Magic was never a constant thing in Stephen's life. The subconscious moments of magic were noted but never mentioned after the initial happening. So, a letter stating he was accepted into a school for magic was nothing short of surprising. The decision to send him to Hogwarts was difficult. There was no way to really tell what kind of future a wizarding school would really hold, but the school officials assured Stephen's father that some of the greatest people have graduated from Hogwarts. After an hour of deliberation, he agreed, and Stephen became part of the Hogwarts student body.

For the most part, Stephen was a quiet kid. He hardly had any disagreements, and he always listened to the problems others came to him with (willing or not). If he needed to, he was never afraid to say how he felt or give his honest opinion on a matter. He believes sugar-coating something only prolonged the issue. His grades were never extraordinary, but he didn't let them fall below either. He did worry that something he wrote and turned in wasn't acceptable and would spend all day kicking himself or throwing up in the bathroom.Clover


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Dave Strider / Homestuck / 001

[identity profile] 2011-11-09 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I saw that the hold for Dave expired yesterday, so I figured I'd go ahead and app him. If this isn't kosher, kindly put me in my place!

Now with more redos for bad coding.

Player Information
Name: Sam
Timezone: HST
Personal Journal: miang (!
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: warm this blood; Plurk: spah (””)
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: I played one Marta Lualdi ( for a bit, and N Harmonia ( for like, two weeks before hanging my head in shame and dropping him.
How did you hear about us?: N/A, but I have loved you dearly for quite some time now.

Character Information
Name: Dave Strider
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck (””)
School Year: Third
Gender: Male, through and through.
Age: 13.
Out of school living location: Manchester, England. My reasoning behind this is due to the fact that, in canon, Dave and his older brother live in a very urban setting (purportedly Houston, Texas), so it only makes sense that in this AU he would live in an equally metropolitan area.
Blood status: Muggleborn.

Dave Strider / Homestuck / 002

[identity profile] 2011-11-09 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: This wouldn't be a proper Dave app if I didn't mention how cool Dave is. Dave is the coolest dude you'll ever meet, but only if you never meet his older brother, Bro. Dave listens to bands you've probably never heard of, and he likes to collect dead things and preserve them in jars. He digs photography and has his very own dark room, and he lives his life in the dogged pursuit of irony, just as his older brother does. Being as cool a kid as he is, Dave is understandably very level-headed in the face of adversity. It is very, very hard to ruffle his feathers, frighten, and/or embarrass him. Things such as meteors and aliens really don't faze him in the least; in fact, things that most people would consider to be strange or unnerving have very little (or no) effect upon him at all. In fact, the only thing that seems to really get to him is his older brother's puppet collection, which Bro utilizes for nefarious, supposedly lucrative purposes.

Chill as a glacier, Dave is also known to be a mite judgmental and condescending to those around him. While he has a heart of gold beneath his insufferable prickishness, he tends to keep people at arm's length, whether he wants to admit to it or not. Though he has a strange way of showing it, there are a fair few people whom he is close to: Rose, John, Jade, and Bro. While he will not hesitate to tease or berate the former three, he is very easily influenced by them. A prime example of the sway that his loved ones have upon him comes in the form of his fear of Bro's puppets, which he never found frightening (quite the contrary, really) until John points out that they are, simply put, kind of freaky.

Dave's taste in humor is juvenile at best and outright crude at worst. He has been known to rap during IM conversations with people, and he can talk circles around people like it's his god damn job. As he is able to employ language well beyond his years, it is very, very easy to forget that Dave really is just a little kid. He has issues dealing with the fact that he can and will die at some point, as evidenced by the way he was unable to attain God Tier because he was afraid to die.

While Dave's cool demeanor may put him on a self-imposed pedestal, in reality, he is genuine in his actions and interests. When he acts, it isn't merely for show, and he isn't afraid to make fun of himself, as he does in the beginning of his SBURB session. Impressing people isn't high on his laundry list of things to do, though he definitely accomplishes such a feat with unintended ease. This, paired with the fact that he's a complete and total jerkface to anyone and everyone, makes his capacity for kindness that much sweeter and valued. At his core, Dave does not want to be the big damn hero that he's become. He'd much rather be a normal kid living a normal hipster douchebag life, cohabiting with his brother in an apartment filled with shitty swords and smuppet ass, though he can definitely be a hero if it's what he needs to be in order to help someone.

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{reserved} lumpy space princess | adventure time | 1

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Merry
Timezone: US Central at the moment.
Personal Journal: [ profile] agincourt
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: forsaken crowns @ aim
Email Address: the.elusive.pimpernel at gmail
Former/Other Characters in the RP: N/A
How did you hear about us?: Adele and Tani :1

Character Information
Name: L. S. Princess - Her first and middle names are something she does Not Discuss, preferring to go simply by "LSP" on pain of death. Seriously they're so lumping awful, it very well may be first name Lumpy middle name Space. Her parents are her parents, after all.
Canon Origin/Series: Adventure Time
School Year: 5
Gender: female
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Llanhyfrydawelllehynafolybarcudprindanfygythiadtrienusyllafnauole, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Blood status: pureblood

lumpy space princess | 2

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: LSP is, in the simplest terms, a stereotypical bratty teenager. She's large and in charge and doesn't care what anybody has to say about it. A lot of what she says and does can be described as bossy, whiny, and/or self-absorbed. She comes off as a bit lazy and is ungrateful to her parents most of the time (yet is occasionally reminded just how much she depends on and actually is grateful for them). Along with food, her world revolves around superficial things like looking hot and boyfriends. Her friendships are mostly based upon social hierarchy where she of course is at the top of the pyramid - which may be because she's the princess of her realm or because of her headstrong, willful personality.

She is a gossiper and a bit of a busybody. Even if there is nothing to talk or spread rumors about, she will gossip. At times she almost seems to make up the scandalous news, which doesn't always work so well for her, but it satisfies her need to blab and try to be helpful at least. She can be very judgmental and will definitely put someone into their place if they try to interrupt or otherwise ruin her tangent. However, all of these things aside, she is not actually a bad person. She does seem to realize how shallow and pointless a lot of her friendships are, and is actually very serious about her "true" friends. She likes to be of assistance when she can, and she is certainly not lacking in self-confidence. Those lumps are in her blood and she is proud of it and not afraid to let you know (or to think that all the boys want her hot bod-!). As earlier stated, she does not always have the best outcomes in what she does, but she often does mean good by them (and simply not know any better).

LSP is pretty hardcore into romance and happy endings, along with that whole friendship thing. For all her going on about boys and bods, she genuinely seems to want to be swept off her feet and tossed right into a full fledged storybook or Hollywood romance. In fact, she can be quite innocent about it all. She's so old fashioned that she gets completely wrecked over being kissed by a guy when she wasn't even ready for it. This endearing trait of hers may be one of few that doesn't really fall in with a stereotypical brat. She is pretty convinced that her prince charming is waiting for her somewhere ... he probably just got lost on the way to Lumpy Space.

Despite her rudeness and her crudeness, she will also still remind her friends that she IS a lady (and a princess!) and deserves to be treated as such. She isn't as feminine looking or sounding as other girls and princesses, but her feelings can get easily hurt when she's looked over, ignored, or misunderstood. Not many things could be worse for a fifteen year old girl, could it? She needs to be validated and occasionally pampered to keep on feeling great about herself. Not that that should be really difficult for anyone - she's clearly fabulous!

Canon Background: Lumpy Space Princess is a sort of minor main character, if that makes any sense. There is not a whole lot known about her background other than she is of course the princess of Lumpy Space. The land of Ooo has a princess for just about every kind of land you can think of, and she happens to be from Lumpy Space, which is a place where lumpy people live and party and generally act kind of shallow. She is the daughter of the King and Queen of Lumpy space and does not seem to have a very good relationship with them. She also apparently dated a lumpy lad by the name of Brad ... but it didn't work out.



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Shadow the Hedgehog | Sonic the Hedgehog | Reserved [1/?]

[identity profile] 2011-11-28 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Takato
Timezone: GMT+10
Personal Journal: [ profile] soulscandalous
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: milesforking @ AIM
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Hayato Gokudera | Erika Karisawa | Lavi Bookman | Roxas | Soul Eater Evans | Joshua Kiryuu | Marie Mjolnir | Ken Ichijouji | Kim Diehl | Applejack

Character Information
Name: Shadow Igel (Igel means 'hedgehog' in German)
Canon Origin/Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
School Year: 5th
Gender: male
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Dresden, Germany
Blood status: Unknown, presumed at least halfblood

Shadow the Hedgehog | Sonic the Hedgehog | Reserved [2/4]

[identity profile] 2011-11-28 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
EMO. But in all seriousness.

Alongside his rather dark demeanor, Shadow can also be smug, arrogant, self-absorbed and somewhat sarcastic. He's very competitive, often coming off as blunt and uncaring along with being soft-spoken and reserved. Even with a lack of trust towards others, Shadow sometimes teams up with people for the greater good rather and sometimes but not always to further his own goals and ambitions. He has rather high expectations of himself and takes failures rather hard. He's annoyed rather easily, more prone to being serious despite having his own brand of humor despite having little patience for silly behavior. Shadow has a strong sense of justice, despising evil above all else and being selfless in his actions.

Despite being all this, Shadow is not completely heartless. He does care about others, going so far as to putting himself between Rouge and Omega in canon when he's released from stasis in Eggman's laboratory. Shadow has a strong sense of self, possessing an equally strong will that makes him rarely gullible or easily manipulated by others. This is shown in canon when encountered with the possibility of being an android, he states that even if his memories are fake he's still Shadow. Shadow rarely smiles, perhaps not letting others see any happiness so he has no weakness, brushing off any sympathy or kindness, often telling them not to waste their time. It's possible that he prefers not to show emotion, preferring to be alone.

Maria's death was a hard impact on his personality. Prior to her death he was friendly and not much but perhaps a bit more sociable, at least in her presence. She truly made him the happiest and he cared deeply for her. It's possible he never opened up to anyone after her death in fear of losing another friend. It seems like he doesn't have a sense of humor or happiness, and he doesn't like others seeing him act in such a way. He rarely smiles, and when he does it's usually when he's being smug about something. In spite of this, he shows warm feelings towards his friends, even if he does reject other people.

Canon Background:
50 years before the start of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Shadow was a genetic experiment born on the space station ARK. Originally developed as an experiment to cure a terminal disease his creator's granddaughter carried as a means to study immortality and use the fruits as an attempt to cure her. This girl, Maria Robotnik, would be the cause that would set everything in motion for Shadow as, despite being an experiment, he grew close to her. When the ARK was attacked by G.U.N., he attempted to escape with Maria, only for her to be shot and killed in front of him. Captured, Shadow was then shipped off to Earth and locked away on Prison Island.

Fast forward 50 years later, Shadow is released from Prison Island by Maria's cousin, Ivo Robotnik a.k.a Eggman, who was seeking his grandfather's greatest creation. Haunted by his inability to protect Maria from her death, Shadow agrees to help him in order to seek revenge on those responsible, seeing the doctor for the genius that he is and not the megalomaniac others perceive him to be. Headlining Eggman's forces, Shadow soon crosses paths with Sonic, who has been accused for the crimes he (Shadow) has committed. However, with fate twisting his arm (and a certain Amy Rose), he realized that Maria's wish was for him to save humanity rather than hate them, teaming up with Sonic in the end to stop Eggman. After defeating the Biolizard which had fused with the ARK, Shadow fell to the Earth and was presumed dead.

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Toris Laurinaitis | Axis Powers Hetalia | Reserved ( 1/? )

[personal profile] poland 2011-11-28 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
cries deeply; I would have posted this last night if LJ wouldn't have been majorly wigging. Also, I apologize if it completely screws up or only lets me post part of it. If it does, the whole thing is right here just to prove I did it and as an emergency backup!

Player Information
Name: Twiggy
Timezone: CST
Personal Journal: [ profile] bosom
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: aim: the love of lives | msn:
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: N/A
How did you hear about us?: Friends of mine talked about you on plurk before and I decided to check it out \o

Character Information
Name: Toris Laurinaitis
Canon Origin/Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
School Year: 6th
Gender: Male (both in sex and gender)
Age: 16
Out of school living location: He's since taken up with his uncle on his father's side in Britton, England, though they move quite frequently. He was born in Šiauliai, Lithuania.
Blood status: Muggleborn
poland: (Default)

Toris Laurinaitis | Axis Powers Hetalia | Reserved ( 2/? )

[personal profile] poland 2011-11-28 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: Most people who first meet Toris see a shy, polite guy whom they can just sense they'll get along with. He's a nice guy and really easy to mesh with, and though he's a bit on the introverted side, he's quite popular in his own right with numerous people who enjoy him. Do him wrong? He'll be hurt, of course, but your transgressions will be forgiven in his own way, though it may take a while. That’s not to say he forgives AND forgets, however, as he carries memories with him. He might not always say he forgives someone, but the relationship of whoever has troubled him will resume to normal quite quickly. He tends to look for the best in people and Toris' blind to a lot of faults, whether by density or just selective realization, or both. He's not necessarily trusting, however. Toris' been done wrong a few too many times to let his guard down so easily and he chooses who he's comfortable with. Before you get to know him he's not quite genuine, but cordial, but when Toris is with those he’s close to, there is an obvious air of familiarity around him and he’s more relaxed.

Concerning his emotions, Toris might be easy to read, but he keeps most of his emotions on the inside. He'll continuously fret and fluster about something, enough to cause him great stress and probably an ulcer or two; he doesn't want pity or anyone to dote on him in times of need. More than anything, he wants to be independent: he's stubborn and no one needs to worry about him. He's got it all under control.

A bundle of nerves, Toris is always thinking about something. He's nervous in general and is like a mom and housewife rolled into one, always concerned about the general state of those close to him, enough to take a lot of loads onto his own shoulders. Especially when you make friends with him, he's eternally grateful and you're pretty much friends for life. Toris likes to take care of those he cherishes too, unafraid of taking on more than his share of the work, though it's something he doesn't necessarily choose for himself sometimes, and he might complain about it a little along the way. He does find enjoyment and fulfilment in it, though. Though he likes to try to stay within the bounds of his close friends and brothers, he's a decent guy who likes those who help him and works well with them.

With all that concern and worry comes a bad spell or two. Though Toris is resilient, he's by no means optimistic. He's constantly got something heavy on his mind due to his circumstances, so he's going to have a freak out occasionally. These range from annoyance to downright panicking, depending on how far he's pushed and the severity of the issue. He deals with a lot of stress, strain, and has had a hard time coping in the past, so he’s a little on edge, and one can’t really blame him. It's hard for him to be comfortable somewhere right off the bat. Though he's capable of getting close to others, Toris would rather be with one of them than anywhere else and won't necessarily go out of his way to make friends, no matter how personable he seems.


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[Reserved] Gamzee Makara | Homestuck | 01

[identity profile] 2011-12-18 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Terry
Timezone: PST
Personal Journal: [Bad username or site: ”inkblotted” @]
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: G-talk: inkblotted23
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: None
How did you hear about us?: A friend is apping in the game – I believe she heard about it through another rp buddy.

Character Information
Name: Gamzee Makara
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck/MSPaint Adventures
School Year: 3rd
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Out of school living location: Penclawdd, Wales
Blood status: Halfblood

Gamzee Makara | Homestuck | 02

[identity profile] 2011-12-18 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: Gamzee has two distinct sides to his personality. On the one hand (and how he presents most of the time), he’s a very laid back, sweet, whimsical kind of guy. He loves his friends, he likes nothing more than kicking back and relaxing or listening to music and making up his own raps. He’s weird, sure, and he tends to say some funky stuff, but he’s essentially a harmless guy who’s pretty easy to get along with, and who never seems to get mad, even when people are insulting him to his face. He gets excited about even little things and bits of magic, and has a tendency to call anything he doesn’t understand immediately a “miracle”. He also tries to see the bright side, or silver lining to everything around him. He’s enthusiastic, and can talk for hours about the things like interest him.

But because of his childhood (and possibly some inherent instability/mental illness in his family), Gamzee also has a terrible temper. It arises unpredictably, but there comes a point in his mind, for whatever reason, where he decides he’s had enough. And then he can get really, really nasty. When he was younger, this took the form of furious, violent attacks on whoever his target was for the time being – he was a biter early on, and has always been willing to use whatever weapon came to hand. Now that he’s a bit older, he’s learned to control his temper to some extent, but there are still times when he decides someone’s going to get it, and he strikes out. He just bides his time about it now, and is sneakier in how he attacks. At times he can even be sadistic about it, taunting or mocking the other person in subtle ways. His reasons for disliking people or deciding they need to be punished seem pretty random at times, but in Gamzee’s mind, they make perfect sense.

Both of these extremes hide certain insecurities and assumptions that make up who Gamzee really is. When he was very little, his mother didn’t impose much in the way of rules on him, and would frequently leave him alone for far longer than a small child should be. He had no boundaries or sense of order. Later, with his father, there were a lot more rules, but the man was also gone a lot, and therefore couldn’t enforce him. Due to his halfblood status, Gamzee never really fit in with other Muggle children, and therefore was a bit of a loner. All of which added up to him being very poorly socialized. He simply doesn’t pick up on a lot of social cues, and worse, he’s very bad at reading his own emotions and knowing how to handle them. He started using drugs very early on, and this took away any chance for him to learn coping skills. It can make him very childish at times, and poor at controlling his impulses. He’s getting better, but it’s hard.

The lack of social contact has also instilled in him a deep seated fear of abandonment. It makes him unswervingly loyal to his friends, and also willing to take a whole lot of shit from them. He’ll laugh off or ignore any number of insults, just so long as someone will stay with him, and he’d do just about anything for the people he cares about. More often than not, it’s a perceived slight on one of his friends that sets Gamzee off, but what he’ll interpret as an insult to them varies wildly with his mood and how much attention he’s paying. Gamzee can be remarkably sharp about some things, but he’s easily distractible.

Eridan Ampora | Homestuck | Reserved

[identity profile] 2011-12-19 01:40 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Glass
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [ profile] glasssubway
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM- glasssubway
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: N/A
How did you hear about us?: Via a friend! (Former/current Vriska?)

Character Information
Name: Eridan Ampora
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck (
School Year: Third year
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Out of school living location: Athens, Greece
Blood status: Pureblood

Personality: To start with, Eridan is extremely arrogant, believing himself to be right about everything (even when he isn't, and has no idea what the fuck he's talking about) and also believing that he's better than everyone (which, according to the caste system, he sort of is, at least in the context of being of a higher social status than almost everyone else.) He has an obsession with stories about historical leaders and conquests, which he attempts to emulate as best as he can, which only leads to him being more arrogant than he might have originally been. It also makes him extremely theatrical and somewhat emotional, as he attempts to act like a great and grand leader from stories. Most of the time, he ends up looking like a complete douchebag. It doesn't help that he's also obsessed with killing off all the Land Dwellers, insisting that he hates them for the litter they cause, and displaying a dramatic genocide complex that drives him to collect extreme powerful weapons and even get Vriska to make him a doomsday device. He's not above using slurs about people's blood (or swearing in general, really; only Gamzee is worse than him about that) and he does legitimately believe himself to be better than everyone else as a result of the hemospectrum.

Beyond his arrogance and his various unhealthy obsessions, Eridan is also a rather pushy person. He pesters Kanaya for her help, insisting that she's "got to" help him get Vriksa to talk to him again, and latter bugs her until she finally makes him a "magic wand". He also bugs Karkat for relationship advice, and he's so insistent on all his destructive plans and impulses that Feferi feels compelled to be his moirail and keep an eye on him, just to make sure he couldn't get anything done. When it comes to romantic impulses, both blackrom (the quadrant of troll romance devoted to what can be called a strong hateship, or arch-rivalry) and redrom (the quadrant of romance most like love), Eridan can come on very strong, actively soliciting people (and not just trolls, but ROSE as well) to be his kismesis, to the point where he's so overbearing that Vriska, rather despicable herself, actually blocks him from contacting her. However, he's not particularly competent, as evidenced by his very clumsy flirting with Rose and his attempts to get Sollux to enter into a rivalry with him (with Feferi as a mediator), and when things don't go his way he gets rather petulant and whiny about it.

He harbors a fascination with wizards and magic; however, he doesn't believe in it in the slightest, and insists that what Rose does can't possibly be magic (despite not really knowing too much about it). Even after Kanaya makes him a magic wand he insists on calling himself a "wwizard of wwhite science." He frequently acts as though he knows more about things than other people, and makes a lot of stupid decisions as a result, leading him to off the angel NPCs on his planet and pissing them off so much that nobody else would come there, despite them not giving him anything useful for the game. Even when he admits his own mistakes and stupidity, he still frequently ends up finding something to complain about to make himself look like the aggrieved and wounded party. His entitled attitude drives him so far that, seeing as he's the Prince of Hope, he decides that he's uniquely qualified to determine when there's any hope left or not and he ends up destroying the only hope that the trolls can continue their race just because he decides that their whole situation is hopeless.

Eridan Ampora | Homestuck | Reserved (2/?)

[identity profile] 2011-12-19 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
DESPITE ALL THAT, Eridan is in some ways a rather nice and caring person, albeit in his own self-centered way. Although he insists that he's going to wipe out all the Land Dwellers, he never actually does anything remotely useful towards achieving that goal, and he doesn't really seem to care that the device Vriska built for him wouldn't work. It's much more likely that those plans of his are really a charade, both for the purpose of making himself look like the ruthless and cunning leader he attempts to emulate, but also partially because his plans keep Feferi's attention on him. Despite their lower positions on the hemospectrum, he's friendly with Karkat and Kanaya, and although Gamzee's advice frustrates him he seems friendly with him as well. Part of his motivations for insisting on joining Jack Noir consisted of the hope that by doing so he would spare him and his friends once the whole thing was over, and he seems genuinely concerned and upset when he learns Sollux died. Before he finally snapped and decided to kill everybody himself, that is. Even when he was insisting that he'd wipe out all the Land Dwellers, he planned to spare his friends, calling it "fuckin unconscionable."

Eridan is primarily motivated by loneliness, and a certain kind of neediness. He's constantly rejected time and time again by various people for various relationships- by Feferi, who he had deep romantic feelings for; by Vriska, who he wanted to be his rival; by Rose, by Sollux. By everyone, really. More than he wants to be the arrogant, powerful conqueror, he wants to be with somebody, and it's led him to be needy and desperate and make really stupid and desperate decisions. All his posturing really masks a great deal of insecurity, and all of it is likely just a ploy to get people to pay attention to him and alleviate that loneliness (as it sort of was with Feferi) in the hopes that it'll lead him to some kind of deeper relationship. Unfortunately, this hasn't really ever worked out for him, and Eridan just keeps facing rejection after rejection as a result of his own overbearing douchiness, which makes him more insecure, desperate and needy and more likely to make stupid decisions and act even more dramatically.

Canon Background: Once upon a time, on a faraway planet called Alternia, a group of young aliens of the variety "troll" started to play a very dangerous, complex, and somewhat confusing game they called Sgurb, in the hopes of saving their race. But it all went to Hell in a handbasket, and the trolls ended up being unable to enter into the universe they ultimately created during their near-successful session of the game, leaving them to interact with the new session of Sburb taking place with four human kids in the universe they created.

Eridan is one of these twelve trolls who took part in the session of Sgrub. But not just any old troll, oh no. Eridan is a member of the Troll Aristocracy, and one of the nautical sub-species, meaning his blood is very, very purple, which puts him very high on the hemospectrum (the ranking system of the trolls based on their blood color). This is important, because it colors a lot of what Eridan says and does and how he acts, and also contributes to the fact that nobody ever really wants to hang out with him. Eventually, his attitude took a huge toll on his best friend/pacifying partner, his moirail Feferi, ended up breaking ties with him as soon as their game session started, leaving him alone and bitter for most of the time from then on.
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Karkat Vantas | Homestuck [1/?]

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Player Information
Name: Takato
Timezone: GMT+10
Personal Journal: [personal profile] basekind
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: milesforking @ AIM
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Currently Applejack and Shadow. Previously a whole bunch of other people

Character Information
Name: Karkat Vantas
Canon Origin/Series: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
School Year: third
Gender: male
Age: 13
Out of school living location: outskirts of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Blood status: Muggleborn

First thing you will notice about Karkat is that he's pretty much an asshole. He insults without any real reason behind it and almost anything can set him off on someone, the smallest thing sending him into a rant about one subject or another. He's snappish, antisocial and fast with personal remarks, screams, keysmashes and doesn't really bother smiling. Karkat doesn't have the patience to deal with bullshit and any explanations he tries to do - such as when he tries to explain troll relationships to John - are laced with insults and frustration. Even though this happens, his information is usually valid and precise.

Karkat's strength in his personality is his ability to lead. He takes control of the troll session of Sgrub in canon and tries to get the others to follow along and even though they think of him as a joke half the time, they eventually accept his leadership. He's convinced he was hatched to lead, but he nevertheless gets pissed off at his allies. Karkat takes his responsibilities seriously and can be depended upon when the others need him to be leaderly, taking it upon himself to make sure it gets done no matter what. All animosity aside, he knows which buttons to push and what to say to get the most out of his fellow trolls.

All of this is just a shell to protect his insecurities. Karkat's blood isn't normal by troll standards, something he's sure will get him killed should anyone else find out. Troll social status is decided entirely by the colour of their blood, starting with dark red at the bottom, followed by orange, yellow and on up through the spectrum. Karkat is the only one whose blood is a bright red colour quite similar to humans, a mutation. This is part of the reason why he stayed inside a majority of his young life. It's humiliating, it makes him an outcast and he takes extra care to hide it. Karkat uses gray for both his online text colour and his shirt symbol, signifying his desire for anonymity, blowing off any questions about it.

Though in canon trolls are a naturally bloodthirsty species, Karkat doesn't show the trait very much and when shit hits the fan, you can't really count on him to pull through. If something goes off course to what he had planned, he goes into a ranting fit to whoever screwed it up, and if he's nearby, he can't handle situations very well. Watching his best friend die is an example where he started crying and blaming himself while another goes on a murderous rampage and kills two others, immediately becoming shell shocked and rolling into a state of denial. Somehow or other, Karkat finds the strength to push himself on, making sure everyone is safe and dealing with it in someway.

Karkat considers himself the leading expert on romance. He's very enthusiastic about his romance comedies and other such romantic films, to the point where it's easy to get him pissed off at you if you dare to insult them in his presence. He loves rambling about the complexities of romance, and it's one of the few things that can get him to calm down (though as always the entire conversation is laced with insults). His softer side also shows through on his caring about his friends. Even during Gamzee's rampage, one of the only things he can think of through the 'oh shits' is getting his best friend Sollux to safety. Their fights always end with him asking if they're still friends as well. If he doesn't show it towards you, it's because it's not apparent, and should he fail to help in dire situations he'll be guilty about it forever. Despite his grouchy personality, he begrudgingly helps others however he can, even if it just means giving advice.
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Karkat Vantas | Homestuck [2/3]

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Canon Background: Here @ the Homestuck wiki
Background (AU!Canon; HP):
[Crimson]Originally from Puerto Rico in America, Karkat didn't grow up there due to his dad's operations in the military. Being moved to different parts of the states for most of his life meant that he didn't get the chance to settle down and make new friends before they were shipped off again to some other area. And so young Karkat found comfort in shitty romance comedies and TV shows, consuming everything from American Dreamer to Grease 2 and more, growing steadily detached from the rest of the world and from his parents.

Just before his tenth birthday, his mother was killed in an accident, leaving him alone with his father. Unable to take care of him due to work, his father sent him to England to live on the outskirts of Abingdon with his uncle's family, a man he'd never met before. His uncle and aunt already had a daughter of their own, little Nepeta, but they were more than willing to take Karkat in, despite his disgruntled attitude towards them, even though it was more or less hell for Karkat. His aunt and uncle didn't own a TV, so he couldn't get lost in his shitty romantic comedies and block out the inane annoyance that was his cousin and her roleplays that she tried to rope him into.

Of course, there were strange things that happened around the house. They were little at first, such as spilled milk disappearing before he could wipe it up, the heat being turned down on the stove whenever he forgot to lower the temperature when he cooked his own meals, which was something he'd decided to do himself since his aunt and uncle were nice enough to take him in. He started noticing them becoming more frequent, almost as though there was some kind of ghost in the house or something. Karkat eventually shrugged it off as just coincidences.

It turned out that it was his aunt trying to get him used to the fact that she could use magic. Every inch of Karkat denied that she could, but he couldn't deny it any longer when his Hogwarts letter arrived on his eleventh birthday and she took him to Diagon Alley in London with his uncle and cousin. After all, when you're faced with a magic brick wall behind a tavern filled with weird people it's kinda hard to deny, and even the train ride made it feel a little more real. He kept to himself through most of his first year, skulking in the back of his classes, before he discovered the journal system. The journal system became an outlet for the rage he'd been holding back all this time, and he took to trolling other journal users, preferring to use a grey coloured ink instead of the usual jet black.[Clover]

Karkat Vantas | Homestuck [3/3]

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Wendy Darling\Peter Pan (Disney)\1/3

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Player Information
Name: Kabby
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [personal profile] alifeenchanted
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM:kabbbs; Plurk:kaboot
Email Address: kahybee[at]gmail[dot]com
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Former: Everyone; Current: Megamind, Rapunzel, Naveen
How did you hear about us?: Dear Munnnnnnn

Character Information
Name: Wendy Darling
Canon Origin/Series: Peter Pan (1953 Disney Film)
School Year: Third
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Out of school living location: Bloomsbury, London, England (It's canon, but I can move her out of London if need be.)
Blood status: Muggleborn
alifeenchanted: (my very own fairy)

Wendy Darling\Peter Pan (Disney)\2/3

[personal profile] alifeenchanted 2012-01-06 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Wendy is, in a child-like way, motherly. She's very responsible for her age, very polite, and looks after others well. She believes every child should have a mother to care for them and is not in a rush to grow up, despite being mature in certain ways. In other ways, she is still very much a child, loving stories of fantasy, and being full of daydreams and silly romantic notions.

She's quite old-fashioned in her beliefs, often acting as if she came out of another time. She believes that children -- and she very much considers anyone who isn't a grown-up still a child -- should be respectful, but she can be driven to see the fault in adults' thinking and point it out. She also is perfectly capable of getting angry, and it's not completely unheard of for her to storm off in a huff when she'd been offended. Despite her old-fashioned ways, Wendy does not believe she should be left out of boys' fun, or have to do extra work because she's a girl.

Canon Background: Here!
Background (AU!Canon; HP): [crimson]Wendy was born to George and Mary Darling, the first of their three children. She was always a sweet little girl, who loved fantasy and adventure stories above all else. Sher was an early reader and, as soon as she could, began reading her favorite stories out loud to her parents. Constantly. When Wendy was two, her brother John was born, and Wendy couldn't have been happier than to have someone to tell stories and eventually become a second mother to. Several years later, another brother arrived. At some point between brothers, the Darlings bought a nursemaid. Yes, bought, for the nursemaid, Nanny, was a dog. Now, while Mary Darling was a sweet, open-minded woman, and all of the Darling children loved their flights of fancy, George Darling was a rather serious man, and none too amused when a letter came informing him his daughter was a witch, and invited to attend Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry. No matter how excited Wendy got, how hopeful she was with each new letter and how much she tried to convince him not to, Mr. Darling tore up each letter, one by one, and then dozens by dozens, until the letters began showing up in truly inexplicable places. Mrs. Darling finally convinced her husband to look into the school, though Mr. Darling still struggles to believe in magic, even with John Darling now a first year at Hogwarts.

As a third year, Wendy takes all required classes, in addition to Home Economics and Care of Magical Creatures, in which she hopes to one day work with pixies. She does notably well in Astronomy and History of Magic, and decently in her other classes. [clover]

Re: Accepted!

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Galen Marek | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed | 1/?

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Player Information
Name: Jamesy
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: vastexpletive
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: itsasekrit1993
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Former: Kelly Sullivan, Teddy Altman, Karen Smith
Current: Jude Harrison, Ellis, Uncle Iroh, Tavros Nitram
How did you hear about us?: Rah-Fay

Character Information
Name: Galen Marek
Canon Origin/Series: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
School Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Out of school living location: in space Wedmore, England
Blood status: Pureblood

Personality: On the surface, Galen is a cold, distant, seemingly cruel person. He does not get close to people, and he often speaks his mind, and his mind is not something most people want to hear. Most of the time, he’s quiet and stays to himself, and he is not someone you would generally approach.

He is also fiercely loyal to his master, whose cruel teachings and treatment are a big reason Galen is the way he is, and there is a part of him which craves his approval, and so he carries out his tasks to the letter, even if he might not personally agree with them.

And that’s another part of him, there is a small part, and one that he tends to try and ignore, that questions whether or not some of the things he does is right. But it’s such a small part of him that he can and does ignore it, and sometimes he can even convince himself that he is right, all for his Master. But the doubt is sometimes there, indeed.

Galen is also rather intelligent, and very cunning. His training has made him a very quick thinker, and he knows how to fight dirty, both literally and psychologically. He’s also brave, and very daring (perhaps recklessly), as he’s been raised (or rather, trained) to ignore fear, as fear just makes you weak. He is not afraid to fight, and he’s always confident he can win. In canon, he does not hesitate to kill Jedi that are years older and have been training far longer. And he wins.

Going back to how he is with people; he is rather a bit of (read: a bunch of) an asshole. But it’s really just because he is such an angry person, even if he doesn’t realize it, but growing up the way he did would make anyone angry. He does, perhaps, get along better with people who share his views, but those people are few far between, and it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t see a need for friends, as they’re just a weakness anyway.

Canon Background:

Background (AU!Canon; HP): (Crimson) Galen Marek comes from an old, and now dead, pureblood wizarding family. The Mareks had a longstanding feud with another (dark) wizarding family which would, in the end, be the destruction of them.

When Galen was a young boy, his parents were killed in front of his eyes, and in the trauma, he performed a bit of extraordinary wandless magic, which was enough to prevent his own death. Instead, the attacker saw great potential in him and kidnapped him to train him in the dark arts. The extreme trauma of these events was enough to make him surpress any of his former self, and he even forgot his own name for years (His Master didn’t care; and he would only ever learn his name again when he went to Hogwarts.)

From then on, he was raised trained to be a ruthless, muggle-hating person, and made to do things no child should do. As such, his mind is a little screwed up, and he is a very cold and distant person.

Growing up, he was always immersed in dark magic- and though he wasn’t able to perform any himself, (because those damned underage wizarding laws) he was forced to study it from books. At age 11, his Hogwarts letter came, and at this point, his Master had joined Lord Voldemort and became a Death Eater. The only reason Galen was permitted to go to Hogwarts is because it was a valuable opportunity for Galen to report anything that might be useful.

Galen’s Master also used this as an opportunity to teach Galen hands on dark magic. Once a month, Galen would be forced to sneak out of the castle and meet his Master in the forbidden forest, where he would put to the test every spell he’d learned growing up. Though his Master made it clear that if he ever got caught sneaking out, he was completely on his own. Over the years, and after a few detentions (and even more harsh punishments from his Master for getting caught), Galen became somewhat of an expert at sneaking, just as he became rather adept at dark magic in secret.

After Voldemort’s defeat, Galen was summoned a final time out to the Forbidden Forest, where his Master was in a complete rage, ranting about how stupid everyone was, and how ridiculous it was that he could be beaten by a baby, and insisting that one day he’d be back. And after that night, his Master vanished.
Galen assumes he is on the run from aurors, and that he’ll be back when it’s safe, and until then he plans to wait and continue his training himself. Galen himself avoids any conflict with Aurors as his ties with his Master have been carefully concealed, mainly with polyjuice potion and other forms of trickery.

In school with his regular subjects that have nothing to do with dark magic, Galen is an rather talented wizard. He is of course extremely gifted with dueling, as his Master has made sure of, and he is also pretty sufficient with his other hands on classes, such as transfiguration and Charms; though Charms bores him to tears, as it feels like a complete waste of his potential.

And though he has no time or interest in Quidditch, he’s a pretty good flier as well, though he doesn’t have his own broom, as his Master obviously never saw the need to buy him anything. (Clover)
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Galen Marek | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed | 2/2

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How would your character fit in to each House? [Please fill this out for each House, and explain why. We don't want see just "OH THEY'D NEVER BE IN THIS HOUSE!" We'd like you to explain why. This does not guarantee any House placement, it is more for moderators to consider.]
Gryffindor:Galen is pretty damn brave, but with his braveness comes a very large amount of recklessness. And braveness is just about the only Gryffindor quality he has; he has no need for chivalry or any of that bantha poodoo.

Hufflepuff: Galen is fiercely, extremely, naively loyal to his Master. But to him, and him only. He is also extremely hard working, but again, only for his Master. He’s also just not... honest, either.

Ravenclaw: Galen is very intelligent, but he is not studious or necessarily booksmart like most Ravenclaws tend to be. He is just very good at using common sense and quick thinking, and his smarts are better suited for dueling and the like.

Slytherin: Probably the best fit! Galen is smart, intelligent, very ambitious (at least, his ambitions involve helping his Master) and completely ruthless in order to attain his goals, whatever they may be.

RP Samples: You were all fools for being against Him. Now what’s going to happen to us? We’ll die off. He had the right idea, but did anyone listen?

My Master... he says that He will be back. And when He does, I hope none of you expect forgiveness. What we’re- you’re becoming is sick! All a bunch of Muggle-sympathising idiots!

We are the future, not them. And if we don’t do something, they’ll end up being the end of us!
Third Person Sample: The book slammed closed with resounding thud that echoed through the library. The heads of several nearby students popped up in alarm, but they didn’t say anything.

Galen expected Madame Pince to round the corner, a stern scolding at the ready, but it must not have been that loud, as she never came. She was such a frustrating old woman, and one of the reasons he loathed being in the library.

But the main source of his anger that moment was the subject of his studies. It was things a mere child could perform, in his opinion. And if I child couldn’t do it, then they shouldn’t even consider themselves wizards.

He craved his books. The ones he couldn’t bring to Hogwarts... the ones which contained curses he could be expelled for using. He smiled at the thought. These idiots had no clue what he was capable of, and that amused him to no end. He longed for the day someone should underestimate him, just to he could prove them wrong.

He would use self control, though. Of course. He would make sure to only get a few weeks worth of detentions, at most. Not expelled; never expelled. His Master would not like that very much, he was sure.

Weeeeee <3

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Matthew Williams | Hetalia | Part 1

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Player Information
Name: Ari
Timezone: CST
Personal Journal: emesis @ dreamwidth
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: got glasnost @ aim, arielle.dela.rosa @ skype, but for rp purposes, it would probably be easiest to contact me via my plurk.
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Matthew Williams, Takeshi Yamamoto, Diamonds Droog, Ludwig.
How did you hear about us?: :')

Character Information
Name: Matthew Williams/Canada
Canon Origin/Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Teaching Position and why it suits them: Defense Against the Dark Arts. Matthew participated in the war and certainly has the experience to back his shit up. He's a gentle pacifist at heart and figures that teaching children to defend themselves is a much more productive activity than hunting down and killing criminals.
Suitability: Man, Matthew is the nicest dude ever. He's like I WANT TO MAYBE START A FAMILY ONE DAY AND BAKE A SHIT LOAD OF COOKIES kind of nice. The only problem he might have is getting his students to hear him the first few days!
Gender: He's your average able bodied cisgendered white (vaguely) protestant male.
Out of school living location: He lives in an apartment not far from his father's house in London, England, but he has a summer house somewhere in Ontario, Canada that he stays in when he can.
Blood status: Pureblood
emesis: soul eater: maka (nosebleeds are romantic gestures;)

Matthew Williams | Hetalia | Part 2

[personal profile] emesis 2012-01-11 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)

In one word: chill. With a generally soft spoken voice and an almost excessively polite demeanor, Matthew Williams is one easy-going bloke. He has that sort of personality that is as easy(too easy, almost) to ignore or overlook as it is easy to appreciate. His sense of humor, though often self-deprecatory, and his level head, though occasionally not level at all, keep his blood pressure low and his smile quietly content. Friendly, tolerant, obedient, and helpful, Matthew is the type of guy you'd like to have as a professor. You can count that he'd teach you what you need to know (if you listen) and give you a break when it comes to homework (if you choose to remember to do it).

Despite his height, sturdy build, and war time experience, he'd rather avoid unneeded conflict, thank you very much. Run into him in the hallway, knock him over, and send all his papers flying. Watch what happens. Like clockwork, Matthew will be the one saying, "Oh, I'm sorry", and "Are you okay?", over and over again as if it were some sort of mantra. You probably did it on accident anyway. No one really bothers to seriously start a fight with Matthew Williams. I mean, why would you? His it's-all-good-in-the-neighborhood pacifist vibes are as contagious as the common cold.

Well, just because it's not common practice to go around kicking the shit out of Matthew Williams doesn't necessarily mean that he's always treated the way he should be. As previously stated, Matthew is unfortunately really forgettable to most of the population. Sometimes people ignore his presence completely. Hell, even his great white owl, Kumajirou, forgets his face sometimes. Additionally, he'll take a lot of crap for the sake of keeping the peace, or simply for the sake of loyalty. It's just the way he is.

But eh, Matthew's used to it. He'll take a lot of crap, but he's not going to like it. He's still human. Push him around enough, and he will retaliate. Gentle as he is, Matthew has bit of a sarcastic bite to him. If you somehow manage to truly piss Matthew off, he can and will verbally tear you a new one. There's also the fact that he is still a fellow of tall disposition with a surprising tendency to be a freaking ex-Auror. He could probably very well put you in your place. If you pushed him to it and failed to talk your altercation out diplomatically of course!! His reflexes and dueling skills aren't legendary, but they're certainly enough for him to defend himself or to fight for what he believes in.

Fight mode average day Matthew is still a rarity though. It would be much more pleasant to simply nap the anger away, obviously. He's extremely fond of naps. Yeah, he's a grown ass man who likes to nap.

Not exactly the pinnacle of badass dangerosity there.

Canon Background:

In his natural habitat, Matthew Williams is the True North, strong and free - the bilingual North American nation of Canada. Hundreds of years ago, Canada was a quiet, isolated landmass inhabited by a tribal peoples. Though Europe poked its nose in at random intervals, it wasn't until the arrival of the French that Canada was truly colonized by an imperialist power. Even then, between maintaining fur trade and hoarding raw materials, France mostly left Canada alone in a dismissive sort of way. He instilled a government system that wasn't self-run like in the future United States, but otherwise forgot about Canada.

When England defeated France after the Seven Year's War and added Canada to his list of colonies, England initially didn't do much either. He introduced Canada to America, who pointed out their shared face and then proceeded to ignore him too; and that's about it. Canada just kinda did his own thing, and kicked America out from his borders when he tried to pull that whole annexation thing during the American Revolution. Actually, Canada had to do that a lot throughout the centuries - tell America to get the hell out, I mean - and luckily never was successfully invaded by his rebellious brother.

Canada came to be the Canada we all know and love of present day relatively (as compared to other countries) peacefully. Though under the British Commonwealth, Canada is certainly an independent country and gained its independence through (again, relatively) peaceful means. Canada has fought in both World Wars, has had presence in several of the proxy wars during the Cold War Era, and contributes troops to the War on Terror today. However, Canada is a peaceful, democratic major world power.

Canada is a nation that can derail from chores and instead spend an entire day staring at a bear's eyelashes - a bear that he owns and has owned for over two hundred years, no less. While that behavior sounds eerily reminiscent to that of a burnt out stoner or that of a crazed serial killer lumberjack, truth is? Canada's lifestyle is just incredibly slow, like Sunday morning slow. He walks into meetings late, doesn't make it to important G8 photo shoots in time, has slowpoke.jpg reflexes compared to his brother - yeah, he's just super chill.

Unfortunately, despite that pleasant personality and lifestyle, Canada isn't very well received. It's not that people hate him. To the contrary, Canada maintains his status as a tolerant country and gets along with almost everyone! The communist nation Cuba is even friends with him despite the obvious ties Canada has with the super capitalist America. Sure, Cuba beats him up occasionally, but that's only when he mistakes Canada as America. Which is almost always when Cuba notices his presence.

The two major problems Canada has going against his current day foreign relations are the same issues that have plagued him throughout his entire life: his brother and his invisibility. The North American brothers have identical faces and identical bodies, right down to height and body type. When nations spot Canada, they often call out for America and treat him as if he were America. Unfortunately, America is sort of a dickhead, so once in a while, they punch him in the face, too.

( As pay back, the only nation to majorly see the bad side of Canada during peacetime is the one who pisses him off the most: America. Every so often, Canada snaps and rants so long and so hard that the mighty America cries like a bitch and England has to step in to stop him. )

Most of the time though, Canada's presence doesn't make it under the radar. Russia regularly mistakes him as a chair. England goes senile in his presence and experiences much trouble recalling his name, while France remembers him only by his wavy, French hair. Hell, even his bear Kumajirou forgets who he is. It's as if he flits in and out of existence, like some sort of ghost.

Canada actively works to fix those two major issues and gain a bolder global identity. Since the recent turn of the century, Canada has opened his doors to more immigrants from the slightly overbearing China and South Korea. He extends his good will around the world, handing delicious cake and bottles of maple syrup to random countries like Prussia or whoever. He attends more sports events and gets beaten up by more countries like the Italy brothers, except when he's kicking everyone's ass and winning medals all over the place.

Work hard, Canada. You'll get there one day.
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Feferi Peixes | Homestuck | 1/4?

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Player Information
Name: Ri
Timezone: GMT-5 (Through June 16: GMT)
Personal Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”resplendentri”]
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: JoyBringer5002; MSN:
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Former: Touya Hikari, Gilbert Beilschmidt Current: Billy Harris
How did you hear about us?: Oh you know, here and there.

Character Information
Name: Feferi Peixes
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck
School Year: 3rd
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Out of school living location: Lagoa, Portugal
Blood status: Pureblood
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Feferi Peixes | Homestuck | 2/4?

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Personality: If Feferi Peixes is anything, it is –EASILY –EXCIT-ED! She is a very easygoing, go with the flow personality, but when she digs her heels in on something, they are dug. She can be decisive and stubborn on matters of personal importance, but even when she’s not budging on an issue she handles it with cheer and good humour. A canon example would be when she tells Karkat that the horrorterrors are nothing to be afraid of, and when Derse is destroyed she’s going to go to sleep and show him.

In canon, she is the heiress to Her Imperial Condescension, who probably would have killed her if her lusus Gl’bgolyb hadn’t imprinted on her first. She’s a seadweller, and is literally the highest-ranking troll on Alternia (the only one higher would be the Condesce herself). But in a way, an important part of Feferi’s personality is that she doesn’t let her title or her blood colour affect who she is. She has plans, for when she becomes Empress, to redefine culling and take care of the weak and infirm instead of killing them. She believes that all trolls are equal, regardless of blood colour, and before Alternia was destroyed she thought that the destiny her lusus spoke of was to unite the landdwellers and the seadwellers.

In SH, Feferi’s mother is a cutthroat businesswoman who is savvy enough to stay neutral on the issue of blood purity in public so that she can play both sides of the field. Behind closed doors, she shows prejudice against muggleborns and muggles, although not to the extent that some do. This is not a trait that Feferi inherited. She believes that, muggle or wizard, pureblood or muggleborn, everyone is a human being and deserves to be treated exactly the same. Her nanny encourages this worldview in her, and so she is not shy at all about expressing it. As in canon, she comes from a position of privilege as she says this, but she doesn’t care about how old her family name is or whether anybody even recognizes it.

She has a tendency to exhaust herself in relationships trying to keep the other being happy. In canon, this is partially justified in one instance by the fact that if her lusus’ voice ever rose above a whisper, trolls would start dying. After Gl’bgolyb dies, she admits that while she’s sad (because she cared for her lusus, and her lusus cared for her as well), she’s also relieved because she doesn’t have to worry about keeping her quiet and fed anymore. In SH, it’s because she’s young and she overstretches herself trying to take care of others. Most importantly, Eridan.

Oh, Eridan. He is her best and dearest friend, and she cares deeply for him, but at the same time he is the most obnoxious, infuriating, whiny little jerk that she has ever wanted to just punch in the mouth (this is pretty much true for both canon and SH). She didn’t really start getting completely exhausted by him until they started going to school together. But she made it her singular life’s goal to keep him from falling in with people who support his blood purity standpoint, which meant that she was constantly worrying whenever he wasn’t with her and she was worn thin by his ranting and whining whenever he was.

She dearly misses the little boy who laughed and played in the surf and built sand castles with her on the beach near his house. But the angry, sulky, withdrawn boy who’s replaced him is so exhausting to her that she can’t take it anymore. She’s spent so much time over the past two and a half years at school worrying about Eridan that she’s almost completely isolated herself from all of her other peers.

She feels like she’s chained, but rather than try to actually fix it she feels like she has no choice but to just make the best of the situation and grin and bear it. She’s starting to realize just how unhealthy it is for her, however, and now that the war is over she’s been thinking about how best to diplomatically distance herself from Eridan before he suffocates her.

For Feferi, studies aren’t really the highest priority. She enjoys classes that have a lot of hands-on aspects, like Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology, but with most of her other classes it’s lucky that she’s just naturally bright. She does try hard, but more often than not she ends up forgetting about an assignment and doing it the night before.

She’s a cheerful presence – one could say downright bubbly – who has no problem standing up for what she believes in and telling it like it is. It takes a lot to get her genuinely angry ( her boyfriend and basically saying you’re going to hand everyone she cares about over to the mass-murdering fuckhead will just about do it, though), but when she does it is a sight to behold.

Even though she’s very cheerful and happy, she can also be a little bit tactless and silly (like any 13-year-old girl, really). She doesn’t intend to be mean, but sometimes she’s so cheerful about everything that she can come across as a little mocking.

)(I T)(-ER------E!

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Nepeta Leijon | Homestuck | reserved | 1/3

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Player Information
Name: Chez
Timezone: GMT-8
Personal Journal: [personal profile] chez
Players Contact: [ profile] ochrona
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: N/A
How did you hear about us?: Some mod-type guy named James chattered at me on plurk until I broke. Even before that, I've been hearing wonderful things about the game for years.

Character Information
Name: Nepeta Leijon
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck
School Year: 3
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Out of school living location: Outskirts of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Blood status: Halfblood
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Nepeta Leijon | Homestuck | reserved | 2/3

[personal profile] chez 2012-01-16 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's start with some basic info on the species, okay? Okay.

Nepeta is an alien from the planet Alternia, part of a species known as 'trolls'. They are a violent and militant race, with all adults shipped out to conquer other planets, leaving only the children on their home world. For the most part, trolls resemble humans, but their skin is thicker and naturally grey; their eyes are yellow and made for nocturnal activity; they each have a single set of orange horns on their heads; their blood is surprisingly colorful. There is a caste system surrounding blood color, organized like a reverse rainbow-- red-blooded trolls are low-ranking, while purple blood denotes royalty. As a green-blooded troll, Nepeta is nicely in the middle, and has never cared much at all about the caste system. We'll get to that later.

Seeing as all adult trolls are offworld, the young are traditionally raised by Alternia's natural fauna. Nepeta's own adoptive mother was a large, two-mouthed feline named Pounce de Leon, living in a cave decorated with pelts and blood. This is where the behavioral differences really start to show.

Nepeta was raised by a cat, and that has its advantages; she's a skilled hunter and adventurer, both from her need to hunt for food and from her journeys with Pounce to find "the fountain of cute". This should give you fair insight into her attitude towards all things fluffy and adorable – she loves them. Canonly described as a "silly cat girl", she gushes over the cuteness of her guardian, works cat-related puns into her speech and typing whenever pawssible, and even goes so far as to make a partial fursuit from the skin of a creature she's killed in the hunt. This is, of course, done in a cheerfully innocent manner; the pelts of her prey are worn for fun, just as she happily paints on the walls with their blood. The girl is ruthless when hunting, but with her childish and sunny disposition, she's certainly adorable! In... a warped sort of way.

The bloody cave paintings are, in fact, another point of interest. While Nepeta enjoys drawing for the sake of drawing, one wall of the cave is dedicated entirely to her ships. (The Shipping Wall actually has its own wiki page here.) Rather than illustrating pairings out of any fandom, she pairs up herself and her friends, with occasional notes scrawled beneath the couples like 'oh yesss' and 'probably not!'. She generally keeps the wall updated with care, even correcting colors when needed, though can't easily be persuaded to take down or erase a ship -- even if it's been sunk, or one of the participants is gone or killed. She'll express sadness and longing when a friend has died, but not to the expected extent. Still, a number of characters in Homestuck seem to have emotionally muted reactions, whether it's in response to the death of a loved one or the end of the world-- and trolls as a species are far more comfortable with death and murder than humans.

Though it's true Nepeta seems to skirt around negative subjects and emotions. While troll romance generally includes both love/pity-based romance and hate-based romance – of the hatesex and 'one true rival' sort – she has no interest in the darker side of shipping, sticking to the fluffy stuff that humans consider love.

She keeps track of both 'matesprits' – again, their version of human love – and 'moirails', which are somewhat more complicated. They are, in essence, platonic soulmates with a shared obligation to keep the other under control and out of trouble. Your moirail is the best friend who's got your back, but taken to another level. Nepeta's own moirail is a troll named Equius, infamous for his racism and... downright bizarre kinks. It seems Nepeta is one of the few who can stand him, let alone enjoy his company. She generally goes along with his advice and commands, despite her insistence that she doesn't have to, and that his superior blood color doesn't make him any better than her.

And that's not all. She harbors a crush on Karkat, a boy who is rude and abrasive by anyone's count, but who Nepeta finds endearing. He clearly doesn't return her feelings, so she does her best to keep them hidden, constantly worrying and wavering about who she can talk to and at what point she ought to just give up. Still, this only makes it more clear that she can appreciate and get along with individuals few others will put up with.

This extends to her interactions with strangers, too. While there's a troll or two she admits to being frightened or annoyed by, Nepeta's generally amiable in her interactions with others, to a point where a human girl thought her friendliness was meant in a mocking way. It doesn't help that she enjoys roleplaying, in the *i am stating my actions in asterisks and none of this is longer than a line or two yay who needs grammar* sort of way. If in person instead of on a computer, she even does it aloud. With people who couldn't care less. This doesn't stop her, and it's not that she's stupid or oblivious; the girl is very sharp when it comes to unspoken feelings and hurtful intentions, she's just not easily deterred by them.

All in all, Nepeta is brutal, skilled, and loyal to her friends – but also a cheery kitten-loving ball of sunshine who can tolerate just about anyone.
Canon Background: Her page on the wiki.

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Sokka|Avatar: The Last Airbender|1/3

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Player Information
Name: Kabby
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [profile] kaboot
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM:kabbbs; plurk:kaboot
Email Address: kabootary[at]gmail[dot]com
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Current: Rapunzel, Naveen, Melvin, Wendy; Former: Lots of others
How did you hear about us?: dm

Character Information
Name: Sokka Reed
Canon Origin/Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
School Year: 5
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Slough, England
Blood status: Halfblood
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Sokka|Avatar: The Last Airbender|2/3

[personal profile] alifeenchanted 2012-01-19 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: Sokka has a boatload of both negative and positive traits, but since at the start of the series his bad traits are more dominant, we'll start there:

The first thing we learn about Sokka is that he's sexist. Well, it's more that he's traditional, but it's still a problem. He believes women should do the cooking and sewing and such, and men should do the protecting and hunting. He comes over this pretty quickly and easily, though, when he sees the Kyoshi Warriors -- all women -- show their power. He's also incredibly stubborn and over self-confident -- at least, so he acts. He 'goes with his gut' and doesn't like to consider other options. Still, there are many times when Sokka's intuition is a valuable asset to the team. He also -- going with his stubborn ways -- hold one heck of a grudge. He doesn't forgive or forget, and he can generalize people in judging them. (Canonically, he stands by the idea that Fire Nation is all evil, although he is able to get past this when Jet attacks an innocent old Fire Nation man; defending him.) He can also be impulsive, act unintelligent at times, and is far from open to mystic ideas. In Sorting Hat verse, he of course believes in magic, but doesn't believe in things like divination. (Sokka was strongly doubtful of a fortune teller in canon.) Sometimes, Sokka's past makes him worry too much, such as when he becomes overprotective of Suki during the journey through the Serpant's Pass.

As mentioned above, Sokka's cockiness isn't entirely the truth. He can be very down on himself at times, especially when his family is involved, as he takes on a lot of responsibility for the family staying together and safe. As such, he is paritcularly protective of his sister, Katara. Though a jokester by nature, he is perfectly capable of acting appropriately for a situation... Usually, at least. He's also very intelligent, despite sometimes being foolish. He's a skilled planner and inventor, particularly. He's a very good friend once someone earns his trust; the type who would do anything to get someone he cared about out of danger.

In some ways, though, Sokka can still be a normal teenage boy, despite the tragedy in his family's past and his quirky personality. He's sloppy, very sarcastic, loves food -- especially meat -- and acts goofy around pretty girls.

Canon Background: Here!
Background (AU!Canon; HP): Sokka is canonly from the South Pole but unless my knowledge fail is really showing, people don't live-live there for more than research in the real world, so I hope my giving him an Inuit background will be seen as logical, not politically incorrect.

[sayonara] In 1996, Sokka was the first child born to Auror Hakoda Reed and muggle Kya Reed in Slough, England. Both Hakoda and Kya came from Inuit backgrounds, and though their families had been in Europe for quite some time, the naming traditions were kept to honor where their ancestors had come from. A year after Sokka was born, this tradition continued with the birth and naming of his little sister, Katara. Early in the war, when Sokka was 7, Kya was killed when Death Eaters attacked their town. Sokka and Katara were sent to live in safety with their father's mother, Kanna, in Abercarn, Wales.

It was rough for both children, and Sokka took it upon himself to be the 'man of the house', keeping everyone safe and as happy as possible. When he was eleven, his Hogwarts letter arrived. Sokka didn't want to leave Kanna and Katara, but his grandmother insisted it was what was best for him, as he'd be safe in Dumbledore's school. The next year, his sister got her own letter, which helped Sokka feel more at ease.

Last year, when the war ended, the family was reunited and Sokka and Katara -- as well as Kanna, who was such a large part of the children's lives by now -- moved back to Slough.

As far as school goes, Sokka is a good student. In his fifth year, he is taking his core classes and Duelling, as well as Home Economics, on a dare from his sister. His grades range from average to notably high, the best classes being Duelling and Defence Against the Dark Arts. The acception to his good grades is Home Economics, which he is doing quite poorly in.[livejournal]

How would your character fit in to each House?
Gryffindor: Sokka would make a very good Gryff. He's very brave, willing to put all fear behind him whenever he needs to. He also shows great daring, sometimes so much so that he is, indeed, reckless. Nerve also comes in spades with Sokka, as both a good and bad trait -- He does and says what he feels must be done and said, all the time.

Hufflepuff: Sokka could fit in Hufflepuff. He is certainly hard-working, taking over the job of leader of his village when his father leaves for war. He's also quite loyal, both in his dedication to his father and the fact that, ultitmately, he is always ready to stick with Aang. He's not always that friendly, though, and he is far from impartial -- Fire Nation is bad, the end.

Ravenclaw: Sokka would be a wonderful Ravenclaw. Despite often playing the fool, he is the gaang's planner, and his plans are almost always brilliant, speaking well to his intelligence. He definitely has a wit to him, as seen, for just one example, in his haiku battle. He's very clever and resourceful in his plans to help the Avatar, and his wonderful inventions and unique ways of taking on his sword master's challenges speak to the out-of-the-box, creative side of his smarts.

Slytherin: A problem here is that Sokka in SH canon is pretty strongly prejudice against purebloods as a whole group. However, that doesn't stop him from having some Slytherin traits. He's very amibitious, taking on the responsibility of helping Aang, while also often trying to reunite with his father. He is also shrewd and somewhat cunning. Sokka definitely shows to be a strong leader when he has his chances to be one, and achievement-oriented is an accurate label for him; he likes not just results, but results that go according to plan. However, Sokka is more about the good of the many than self-preservation.


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the doctor | doctor who | 1/?

[personal profile] vitriols 2012-01-21 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Vicky
Timezone: Central
Personal Journal: [personal profile] vitriols
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: apotatohat | MSN:
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: none!
How did you hear about us?: this person named kris, I don't think you know her though.....
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the doctor | doctor who | 2/4

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Name: The Doctor/John Smith
Canon Origin/Series: Doctor Who
Teaching Position and why it suits them: Astronomy, because in canon he travels through space and time, and what better than a class that is about the vast universe?
Suitability: Even if he is sometimes unnecessarily rude to people and is very hyperactive, the Doctor is smart and knows what he is talking about. He loves children and showing off his skills as well.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Out of school living location: Cardiff, Wales
Blood status: Pureblood

Personality: The Doctor is a complicated man. He always has been, no matter what regeneration you take him from. But the Tenth regeneration is usually considered to be one of the most complicated ones in terms of personality.

In this regeneration, the Doctor is slightly different than the one before it. The one before was serious and angry, still nursing fresh internal wounds from his time in the Time War from when he had to kill his entire race. As Tenth, this mood change shifts from showing this anger to keeping it inside. This regeneration is a lot happier, friendlier, to the point of being described as manic. He jumps, yells, runs around, all with a huge smile on his face. Sometimes, the mania gets the best of him, and he's hyperactive, rash, and impulsive in the face of danger. He loves nothing more than the thrill of danger, bonus if he's with someone. In ways, he is just like a child, preferring to choose the more exciting, and often dangerous route over the safer and more dull one. But he always gets out of whatever terrible situations he lands himself and his companion into, because, well, he's the Doctor. And the Doctor always, eventually, has a plan. His emotions for the most part, are fickle, just like him, and it's not odd for him to juggle various options, all equally good for him

The Doctor, is also a genius, and he doesn't fail to flaunt this multiple times. He will gloat about his intellect and he will show everyone how smart he is. That is something about him, he needs someone around him. That person, his companion, is his crutch, that one part that will tell him when he is too rude, be that one to compliment him on whatever achievement, and they serve as a reminder that even if he is the last of the Time Lords, he is never truly alone. While he is protective to most beings who do not provoke him, there is just something special that he has with those that step into the TARDIS and travel with them. He is fiercely protective of them, and will do almost anything to save them. He holds an admiration towards humans, often mentioned in the series, because of their stubbornness and strength to always keep on surviving.

But there is something that has been made obvious about the Doctor, this one more than the others before him. His anger is not something to be messed with. He holds little mercy to those who hurt the ones he loves and his rage is quiet. He will not race his voice, but the revenge that he hands out is always harsh. He will also not point a gun unless he is forced to, but he will gladly trap someone in a mirror for all eternity or leave them in the Void between two universes. The Doctor will still try to talk them out of it before he crosses that line, though. Whoever said he didn't try?

Another thing that is obvious is how much he tries to hold on to things. Letting go is not something that is easy for him and anyone can get that he holds many regrets, not just because of the War. Even after he gets a new companion, The Doctor still hangs on to the memory of her, even going as far as taking Martha to the same planet that he took her, and mentioning Rose right in front her. He apologizes a lot during his series, for many things that most likely he couldn't have changed, even if he had tried, because not so deep inside, he has a certain type of god complex. As the watcher of time and space and the usual savior of most of the problems he gets into, he, in a way, decides who lives and who dies. Which is another reason why he needs a companion around him; the Doctor knows that if he didn't have them, then he would have probably been dead a long time ago. To add to that, is the fact that after he lost Rose, brushing with death has become something like a second nature with him. Again as it was said before, he is impulsive to jump into a situation, and while most of the times it turns out alright, there have been times where he has almost died.

In a nutshell, the Doctor is a man of extremes when it comes to his emotions. He will feel extreme joy, anger, and sadness, nothing in the middle. But to not worry his companions, he tries oh so hard to hide behind this mask of a cheery, crazy alien, when under the mask still lies a man that is just starting to heal from the effects of survivor's guilt. But the Doctor cares, and it shows that he would be able to give whatever he could to keep them safe, while he needs them to keep him safe.
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Hades | Disney's Hercules | Reserved | 1/eleventy billion

[personal profile] kawree 2012-01-23 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kari
Timezone: Pacific (UTC-8)
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kawree
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: kawreee @AIM, kawree @Plurk
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: None, but I am up to the challenge!
How did you hear about us?: My roommate plays Vriska.

Character Information
Name: Hades [Kronopoulus]

Canon Origin/Series: Disney's Hercules with a side order of Actual Greek Mythology

Teaching Position and why it suits them: I'm gunning for the open Transfigurations position. In his canon, Hades is, of course, a god, and has the ability to do any number of things that defy general physics, including but not limited to turning semi-substantial and conjuring things out of thin air. Obviously these abilities would be toned down and adapted to the setting, but given that his nature in canon already predisposes him to advanced magic I feel this class would fit him nicely. Unless, of course, that Defense Against the Dark Arts position happens to open up~

Suitability: Granted, Hades is a villain, however he's also extremely charming. He plays nicey-nice with the other Olympian gods and is just generally a schmoozy charismatic fellow. It's very easy for him to dupe people and play with words to get what he wants. That said, his is a rather justified villainy, in a manner of speaking: really he just wants to be seen as his brother's equal. Zeus gets all the credit, Zeus gets to hang out on Olympus, Zeus is the face associated with the Greek pantheon, but nobody seems to care that Hades is actually the elder brother--he's jilted, not evil. Mythologically speaking, Hades was never even really considered a bad guy--he was traditionally more interested in preserving balance than anything else. Sure, he's got a bit of a temper, and yeah, he's kind of angry at his old man and his baby brother, but to say he's evil for the sake of being evil wouldn't necessarily be accurate.
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Hades | Disney's Hercules | Reserved | 2/eleventy billion

[personal profile] kawree 2012-01-23 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Gender: Male

Age: In canon he's immortal, so it's really hard to say, but as he's visibly middle aged I've given him a birth year of 1963 (1943 by original HP canon timeline standards) for game history, making him turning 49 in 2012.

Out of school living location: Originally from Greece, but currently living in Colchester, England when school is not in session.

Blood status: Pureblood, definitely. In mythology, Hades is the eldest son of Titans Cronus and Rhea, and... well, above them the family tree gets a little screwy. Cronus is the son of Uranus, the god of the sky, who is the son and also the husband of Gaia, the goddess of the earth. Yeah, it's kind of messed up. Basically, Hades comes from a long line of gods and primal deities, so I'd say that equates to about as pureblooded as you can get.

Personality: Despite his rather fearsome title as Lord of the Dead, Hades isn't an evil kinda guy. Not really. He's definitely vilified in the Disney movie, but historically Hades was never really bad. No worse than anybody else, anyway... Hi, Zeus sleeping with everything under the sun, and don't even get me started on Aphrodite. Point being, while Hades was very much a nasty antagonist in Disney canon, all things considered he's less a villain and more a shrewd and cagey opportunist who just happened to take advantage of The Good Guys, and therefore looks that much worse for his trouble. Traditionally, Hades was a mostly passive but merciless god, but he's just downright mean in the Disney take. I chalk it up to having had it up to here with his boisterously obnoxious famous brother.

First and foremost, Hades is a businessman. He would rather negotiate than fight, would prefer to settle things like gentlemen than resort to fisticuffs, and when he feels he is at a significant disadvantage, he would rather be underhanded and sneakily undo his opponent while they sleep than do the noble thing and fight a losing battle. Preferring dishonesty and trickery to honor and principle, Hades will turn tail and flee a fight he feels he cannot win, only to come around and sabotage his enemy later when they least expect it. Any victory is a victory, regardless of how it is obtained. He gets what he wants, no matter how high the price, and he refuses to run with the little dogs.

Though his methods might appear wicked and cruel, the fact of the matter is that Hades just knows how to play the field. He'll gladly strike a deal in lieu of engaging in a fight and, while he drives a very hard bargain, he sticks to his word and won't betray a contract. Once he has shaken on an agreement, Hades won't break it for anything. It's never clarified for certain if Hades' inability to breach contract in canon is a physical side effect of his being a god, or if it's just a genuine pathological need for him to be a man of his word. I personally think it's the latter, really; it's much more interesting to trap someone in a web of their own misconceptions than to lie. Hades never lies. He manipulates the truth and leaves out crucial details, but in all of his wheeling and dealing, Hades never lies. It's certainly not on account of his noble heart or upstanding morals, no, it's mostly because Hades views himself as the dealer, if you will. Even if he has a losing hand, he has to play it. Regardless of how heavy the loss, the dealer always comes out on top at the end of the night. Perhaps things don't always work out in Hades' favor, but in the end he knows that it's a calculated risk; after all, in the face of a tie, the dealer always wins. Quick on his feet and always with a well-timed response, he can talk his way into--or out of--nigh anything, no matter how dire, dangerous, or dastardly the stakes may be. He can wheedle his way into a cut of any deal regardless of how exclusive, and though his name may often be left off the guest list, Hades never has much of an issue convincing the doorman to let him pass.

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Student | Chidori Yoshino | Part 1

[personal profile] capttimetravel 2012-01-23 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Jabi
Timezone: Mountain
Personal Journal: [personal profile] capttimetravel
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM/Yahoo; CaptTimeTravel
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: :|
How did you hear about us?: I derped.

Character Information
Name: Chidori Yoshino
Canon Origin/Series: Persona 3
School Year: 5th
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Canterbury, Kent, England
Blood status: Pureblood
capttimetravel: (Default)

Student | Chidori Yoshino | Part 2

[personal profile] capttimetravel 2012-01-23 03:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: If Chidori's personality was to be described in one word, it would have to be indifferent. She does not care for other people and hardly even cares for herself. The only things that really seem to mean something to her are her sketchbook and her Persona, Medea. Being separated from Medea sets Chidori into a tantrum. While it is not completely explained, Chidori has been known to cut herself, but it is hardly any worry to her as she has the ability to heal. She is not known to be depressed, rather that she has no attachment to life because she knows her life could (or more so, would) end soon.

When caught in a corner, Chidori will completely shut down and refuse to talk. One of the few defense mechanisms she has when in a position that she cannot use her Persona. Her biggest fear is growing attached to a person. She does not want to have any feeling for another human being because she fears the pain that she will feel if they were to die. Any show of emotion towards her and Chidori will instantly shut out the other person, claiming that she does not wish to feel that pain anymore. The only person she was able to become remotely close to was Junpei, but when she realized the feelings beginning to developed, she chased him away.

Canon Background: Game History


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Azula | Avatar: The Last Airbender | Reserved [DOING IT RIGHT THIS TIME 1/3]

[personal profile] gomimushi 2012-01-25 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Bug
Timezone: GMT
Personal Journal: [personal profile] gomimushi
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: faereyjar
Email Address: asakura.miyun at gmail dot com
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Rose Lalonde, formerly Izaya Orihara, Julusmole Bayhan and Kiku Honda
How did you hear about us?: Derp

Character Information
Name: Azula
Canon Origin/Series: Avatar: The last airbender (cartoon)
School Year: 4th
Gender: Femle
Age: 14 (gods she is young for what she does)
Out of school living location: Cardiff, Wales
Blood status: So incredibly pure-blooded you can taste the purity.
gomimushi: Photo of a baby cicada (Sucker Punch: Babydoll)


[personal profile] gomimushi 2012-01-25 02:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: Azula is probably the most terrifying princess you will ever meet. With her elegantly styled hair, perfectly manicured nails, and bright red lipstick, she certainly looks the part of a princess. Taking care of her looks and often travelling with a royal entourage by palanquin, she takes pride in her status as a princess and revels in all the perks that come with the title. Regal, pampered and adored by her powerful father, she is spoiled - but definitely not lazy; these are hardly necessities for her, for she casts these trifles aside easily when her mission calls for it. She is a prodigy and she knows it, using her wits to her advantage wherever and whenever she can. Excelling in firebending in her canon, she surpasses her older brother and many other masters at the tender age of 14. Capable of generating and redirecting lightning (besides her, only her father and uncle Iroh were known to be able to do this; they are both older and famously accomplished firebending masters) and producing intense blue flame (as opposed to the bright orange or yellow of other firebenders) she sets herself apart from the crowd spectacularly. Apart from her talents in firebending, she is capable of using weapons such as knives, and her agility/strength is profound. Even in times of peace, she took her studies and martial training seriously, practicing religiously every day and never accepting anything other than absolute perfection. To Azula, "almost isn't good enough" and she will toil endlessly until she is satisfied. She expects nothing less from herself - or from others: She finds failure shameful.

Azula has proved herself not only to be strong, but also manipulative. She is capable of wielding fear over friends and foes alike, and isn't afraid of liberally abusing her position. Tactically gifted, she knows how to play on people's insecurities, manoeuvring them into positions of weakness, all the better for her to spring an attack. She also knows when to hold back , when to be patient, and when to strike for maximum damage. She is capable of being diplomatic, eerily calm in life-threatening situations, and sometimes even friendly - though this is mostly for her own ends and aims, which are all considerable. Her ability to lie and mislead is impressive - with little physical reaction, she is capable of fooling those who can see the signs of a liar, and she uses this to her firm advantage against anyone and everyone, including her own family. Despite being only 14, she succeeded in doing what her Uncle Iroh couldn't - taking down down Bah Sing Se for the Fire Nation. By orchestrating an undercover coup d'etat from the inside of huge bureaucratic kingdom, she essentially turned the enemy's elite secret police into her own personal earthbending army.

Her impressive skills are however marred by a distinct and disturbing lack of empathy or care. She has no qualms about manipulating her "friends" in this manner, completely destroying the circus that her friend Ty Lee had run away to - a place where Ty Lee said that she was entirely happy. Azula also willingly discarded Mai's baby brother when faced with the opportunity to capture the Avatar. Azula has absolute confidence in herself, her abilities and her right to lead, often turning hostile quickly when upstaged or doubted. She has a tendency to 'get back' at people in showy displays of power, rarely apologising to anyone for her unreasonableness (in fact, she is only ever shown apologising once in the whole series). This very forward aggression put strains on her relationship with not only her friends, but also her family. When her brother was severely and publicly burned by her father in an agni-kai, she looked on with almost sadistic approval. She called her grandfather, the then Firelord, an 'old man' and seemed to align herself with her father in ruthlessly waiting for him to pass away so that he may take the throne in place of Iroh (who had been disgraced at Bah Sing Se) - putting her and Zuko next in line to the throne. Her far more peaceful mother found her cruelty harsh and difficult to understand, and she showed little remorse after her disappearance and her grandfather's death, satisfied when he took the throne in Iroh's disgrace.

Yet however terrifying she may seem, Azula is still a teenage girl with all the insecurities that come with growing up in a broken family with few friends. She is used to getting what she wants through fear and through control, and because of this, her social skills are woefully inadequate. Incapable of making friends on equal grounds, despite the patience of Mai and Ty Lee, people are frightened of her or are intimidated by her position, so she has never had to try very hard to get what she wants in a genuine, friendly way (that didn't involve manipulation). When placed on equal footing with others her age, she finds herself socially awkward, confused and jealous of the attention her friends get. Incapable of flirting, she learns what needs to be done and finds that she can play the part - for a short time - but she is not really capable of fitting in as herself. With regards to her family, it is broken. It has been a long time since they were able to truly be happy together, and her mother's fear and rejection of her nature still play on her conscience. On Ember Island, when she and her friends are swapping stories that gave insight into their insecurities, she admitted more than she thought she did: "I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me. But I don't really care. My own mother thought I was a monster. She was right of course, but it still hurt." Part of her works so hard to excel because she knows, deep in her heart, that without her mother's support, ruthlessness and success where her brother failed is the only way for her to stay in his favour. She has seen how he treated Zuko, who disappointed him, and she fears that she herself will one day take his place.

These deeply-rooted insecurities in such an intelligent and single-minded individual put her in a delicate psychological position. Despite her lack of reaction at her mother's disappearance, it seems she did take her words to heart, and her mother's opinions of her ('what is wrong with that child') spring to her mind when she is at her weakest. She seems so self-assured, so talented, and so capable - but with her broken family and twisted system of self-support, she hangs by a thread behind this facade. When her trust is broken multiple times over with the betrayal of her brother and her only friends, when she realises she is truly alone, and when even her father leaves her behind, the strings that hold her psyche together snap, leaving her vulnerable and defeated.

Canon Background: Here


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Balthier | Final Fantasy XII | 1/6

[personal profile] aesthetics 2012-01-26 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Freya
Timezone: PST/GMT -8
Personal Journal: [personal profile] aesthetics
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM; absolute cleavage
Email Address: i.have.heeros.socks[at]
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Vriska Serket [ Homestuck ]
How did you hear about us?: Well I AM here...

Character Information
Name: Balthier A.K.A. Ffamran mied Bunansa
Canon Origin/Series: Final Fantasy XII
Teaching Position and why it suits them: History of Magic -- Balthier is the king of exposition and is usually the one to explain not only the basic history or purpose of a place his party is visiting, but often knows the type of people currently inhabiting it (or not) as well. More likely than not his well-off upbringing left him quite a bit of time for knowledge gathering, but his wanderings and treasure hunting probably helped aid it as well.
Suitability: Though he's still very young, Balthier does have the demeanor of someone much more mature. He is worldly and knowledgeable, and acts not only for the sake of exposition for Final Fantasy XII, but also provides a lot of information on history of various places and manner of people that inhabit them. He just kind of seems to know a lot of things and is somewhat of a role model to Vaan and accidental mentor to him and Penelo (though the latter is taken with Fran for some time).
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Out of school living location: When he's not at Hogwarts, Balthier doesn't stay any one place in particular. Summer excursions depend on the different artifacts or items he's hunting, so he could be anywhere in the world, really.
Blood status: Pureblood. His father's side of the family, especially, are ones to not mention anyone without magical power. So it's a possibility and likely he has some muggles and squibs down the line, but he doesn't know of them. He has no clue about his mother's side.
aesthetics: (❀ fuck me gently)

Balthier | Final Fantasy XII | 2/6

[personal profile] aesthetics 2012-01-26 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: What can be said about the Leading Man? In order to properly capture an audience, he must be charismatic, which Balthier has in spades. Aristocratic and smooth-talking, he certainly takes center stage whenever he wants to be heard. He enters the room with a confident swagger, raises a brow, and kindly asks for you to hand over your valuables. And you would, too. Some may call this arrogance; Balthier is cocky and self-confident, fully aware of his own abilities and limits, and he doesn't push them unless he has to. Even in the most dire situations, Balthier is able to keep a cool head and appears in his element wherever he goes. That's not to say he doesn't understand the need to escape and he can run away with his dignity intact. There is no need, after all, to put your life in danger when it can be avoided. Valor does not need to be earned with heedless abandon.

He is reckless to an extent--it's all part of the job--but he would consider it more an ability to dramatically improvise. Being a notorious sky pirate, not only he is constantly searching for new and great treasures and conquests, but he is also forever on the run from bounty hunters and officials alike. But even this state is how he prefers things; being constantly on the move. His spirit is more restless than his demeanor says so, but being a pirate has given him wings to fly and explore. Seeing the whole of the land has made him more worldly. His upbringing as well as his intelligent companion may have helped facilitate his own learning. He was the youngest Judge to ever be appointed in Arcadia at the age of 16, which shows not only his intelligence but the prodigy factor. If his wit and charm weren't indication enough, he is a cunning and clever man. He's not one to be found with his trousers down, or a back-up plan.

Just because he's a pirate, however, does not mean he fits the "yo ho, those who stay behind are left behind" persona. It is actually quite the contrary, and in reality, Vaan has been noted as a better sky pirate than Balthier is. Despite his disinterest to meddle in anyone else's affairs, he often finds himself caught up in them anyway, but when he does a job he does it completely. He was talked into rescuing Penelo, and given the bounty hunters who took her it might have been partially due to some guilt, but he went through quite a bit of trouble for her and Ashe with barely knowing them. Balthier is surprisingly loyal and holds true to a moral code he keeps to himself. Don't let this fool you, though! He does have a reputation for a reason.

Canon Background: Balthier @ the FF12 wiki
Background (AU!Canon; HP): [ CRIMSON ] Born Ffamran mied Bunansa as the third son of Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, Balthier was welcomed into a wealthy Pureblood family, and one that was very set on keeping its lines as pure as possible. He only really knew his mother through stories and photographs, as she had an accident when he was two years old. That accident that occurred was never fully explained to her children, but Balthier's later suspicions were that she was revealed to be a half-blood at best. This set the stone for his future defection and resentment of his family name, but let's start out with his early years, first.

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Stitch | Lilo & Stitch | [1/3]

[personal profile] basekind 2012-01-27 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Takato
Timezone: GMT+10
Personal Journal: [personal profile] basekind
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: milesforking @ AIM
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: formerly a whole bunch. currently Applejack, Shadow and Karkat

Character Information
Name: Stefan "Stitch" Jookiba
Canon Origin/Series: Lilo & Stitch
School Year: 2nd
Gender: male
Age: 12
Out of school living location: Bapchild, Kent
Blood status: unknown

Stitch was originally programmed to be a monster before he met Lilo. The epitome of a mischief-making devil, he cannot really help that he was designed and created to destroy just about everything he came in contact with. He mocked the Grand Councilwoman, swearing in their alien tongue at her that could be translated as "Suck my ....!" and mooning her through the imprisonment capsule. He had no purpose other than to terrorise the entire galaxy and be a menace to everyone he met, and several of the universe's most evil and vicious monsters were used in his creation.

As his time on Earth progresses and he got to know Lilo, his human shield, Stitch's walls came down and the creature behind the programming came out. His frustration at being unable to carry out his so-called purpose came out in that he would break household items and things that happened to be in his way - sometimes on accident but mostly on purpose. Lilo was the only one who believed that there was even a bit of goodness inside him, and he becomes more self aware questioning his purpose and the reason why he was created.

Lilo soon becomes the center of his world, fulfilling a desire that both of them have - to be accepted and loved by the people they care about. He might be cunning, ruthless and manipulative, but in the end Stitch's personality takes a 180 degree turn on its heel and back out the door. He ends up caring about the human family he was using as a shield and is even glad that he gets to stay with them as his exile.
basekind: (fucker took my gil!)

Stitch | Lilo & Stitch | [2/3]

[personal profile] basekind 2012-01-27 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Canon Background: Here @ wikipedia
Background (AU!Canon; HP):
[Sayonara] For the life of him, Stitch can't remember anything beyond six years old. It comes to him in nightmares, but those are just as blurry as his memories. You see, as a baby his parents had been too poor to take care of him and sold him to a laboratory when offered the money. This laboratory was practicing experiments based on the theories of a man named Jumba Jookiba, a Russian Muggle renowned for being, well, a bit of a madman. A few years after the experiments began, Jumba was instated as head of the lab. Horrified that they'd been using a mere child for his experiments, he decided to steal the child.

Jumba and Stitch spent the next few years on the run or in hiding, although between Jumba's need for explosions and Stitch's unstable magic thanks to the experiments causing his own explosions, they became a bit of a thorn in the Ministry of Magic's side when they came to England. Unfortunately their escapades upon reaching London involved hijacking a bus, causing a few minor traffic accidents. Eventually, with much struggling, the duo were confined to a house in the small village of Bapchild with a skittish ministry official named Wendell Pleakley watching over them. Needless to say, the household was a bit of a ruckus.

Stitch's Hogwarts letter came as no surprise to anyone, considering Pleakley had attempted to explain the magical world to the boy and his guardian (in which there was much nose picking and yawns and snoring). Thinking it would be best for the boy to learn how to control his wild magic, Stitch entered his first year rather reluctantly. He'd never interacted with other kids before, and he was prone to snapping, often getting into fights even with older students. Needless to say he spent most of his first year in detention, and this was where he met Lilo Pelekai. Despite being his age, she was a bit more immature than he was, and could barely understand a word he spoke, giving him the nickname Stitch. It stuck. He found her irritating at first, and she quickly latched onto the idea that they were friends, following him around whenever they didn't have class and volunteering herself for his potions partner each time.

It was a fight between her and another girl that made him change his mind though. What else can you do when someone stands up for you? Lilo didn't seem to notice his change in mannerisms, not that a great deal did anyway. He was still the loud-mouthed, rude Russian brat he'd always been, just a little more courteous around her, and he finally let her start helping him with his English. His grades didn't improve, but at the very least people could slightly understand him better now.

It was some kind of improvement at least.[Livejournal]

Stitch | Lilo & Stitch | [3/3]

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Kowalski, Student, Madagascar, 1/4?

[personal profile] alifeenchanted 2012-01-29 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Dropping this off before I head out. |D

Player Information
Name: Kabby
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: alifeenchanted"]
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: kabbbs, PLURK: kaboot
Email Address: kahybee[at]gmail[dot]com
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Rapunzel, Melvin, Wendy, Sokka; Former: Oh Lord, everyone ever.
How did you hear about us?: From Talia.

Character Information
Name: [Hubert] Kowalski
Canon Origin/Series: Madagascar 1 & 2, but focusing on The Penguins of Madagascar tv series.
School Year: 5
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Birmingham, England
Blood status: Muggleborn

alifeenchanted: (ain't got time for dancing)

Kowalski, Student, Madagascar, 2/4?

[personal profile] alifeenchanted 2012-01-29 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Hubert is an incredibly intelligent young man. He’s a science and math whiz, and has a cornucopia of facts up his sleeve; there are few things he doesn’t know at least something about. He’s the kind of guy who, whenever a new topic is brought up, will eagerly offer up a “Did you know?”-type of fact. Usually this fact isn’t something that anyone but Hubert truly finds interesting. Science is his true area of expertise, though, and the subject his heart is in - As a passion, it’s second only to inventing, and, of course, science tends to go along with that. In Hubert’s mind, there is a logical (and usually, scientific) answer to everything. He hates dealing with more intangible ideas, which leave him flustered and uncomfortable. If something doesn’t seem to have a logical explanation, he won’t rest until he’s found one. And Hubert isn’t just smart - He is, in every sense of the term, a ‘geek’. He gets wildly excited over scientific discoveries, his own or others, and fawns and squeals over inventions and equipment. He loves talking with other intelligent, scientifically-minded people. He enjoys his intelligence as what sets him apart from others, and also takes a certain amount of comfort in the cold, relatively consistent facts of science, math, and the like.

Despite his intelligence, Hubert can sometimes be very foolish. This mainly occurs in four cases. First, when he is dealing with any kind of metaphorical speaking or figures of speech. Hubert takes things very literally, and can get confused over terms like ‘sleeping with the fishes’ or ‘crazy like a fox’, because resting fish have nothing to do with death, and if you mean someone isn’t really crazy, why call them crazy, and where do foxes fit in to the picture? It just doesn’t make sense in his mind. Because of his difficulty with speech that isn’t literal, when Hubert himself tries to speak metaphorical, it tends to come out not quite right, and figures of speech can get a bit botched.

Perhaps part of why he’s not very good with casual speech is because he’s rarely exposed to it - Hubert is not a social creature. He treasures the friends he has, but they are very few, and he has extreme trouble expressing how important these friendships are in ways besides his constant loyalty. Yes, social interactions is the second case in which Hubert can act the fool. To put it simply, you could say that Hubert is awkward, but that doesn’t quite cover it. He simply does not understand emotions, at least not on any level he recognizes. While he can see emotions in others, and in certain cases understand what causes them, their very existence - the fact that these emotions are being caused in the first place - baffles him. While he gets excited over scientific things incredibly easily, it is otherwise very hard for him to express his feelings. He demonstrates them through his actions without realizing it at times, but that’s about the extent of what he can do without really forcing things in a way that is uncomfortable for him. Emotions are not always logical, especially not things like… Liking, or even worse, loving people, and Hubert can’t really accept that. So while he acknowledges that these things exist, he tries not to deal with them, and thus his social life is very limited. People tend to take his difficulties with emotion as indifference, and think he isn’t interested in him, not staying around long enough to see the loyalty that shows how strong a friend Hubert really can be.

The third case where Hubert plays the fool is acting on instinct. To be blunt, he can’t do it. Not without really trying to, and then it’s not quite instinct anymore. He just can’t listen to his heart of gut instead of his brain. He thinks out every move before making it, considering all the possibilities, and by that point sometimes it is too late to act. Finally, Hubert can be a bit ridiculous at times. His brain will get away with him, and a simple problem will be addressed with an extremely complicated solution. He’s an ambitious inventor and scientist, to the point where sometimes he’s just plain unrealistic in what he can do.

Hubert can be a bit of a yes-man to those who grows to respect, cheering on their ideas with gusto. However, he cannot deny a bad plan or incorrect fact when he is presented with one, and so this will only go so far. In fact, sometimes, he can be so bluntly honest to the point where it’s just not tactful. It’s not a matter of trying to be rude, it’s a matter of observing facts. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s extremely loyal, though. Hubert is a friend who can be counted on in the worst of times; who will be there until the very end. Though he is capable of being a decent leader, he is, by nature, more of a follower, and takes orders quite well, rarely questioning what is asked of him - Unless he suspects it is based on fault information, of course.

Canon Background: Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa, the show with no over-arching plot or major continuity: Season 1,>Season 2.

Re: Wavered

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Re: Wavered

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Chocolat Meilleure | Sugar Sugar Rune | Reserved (Slight Spoilers!)

[personal profile] poland 2012-01-30 02:57 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Name: Kiss
Timezone: CST
Personal Journal: [personal profile] poland
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: aim; the love of lives | msn; | plurk; soviets
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Toris Laurinaitis / Lithuania

Character Information
Name: Chocolat Meilleure
Canon Origin/Series: Sugar Sugar Rune
School Year: 2nd
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Out of school living location: Avignon, France, a small cottage / workshop with her Grandfather (on her mother's side).
Blood status: Pureblood
poland: (Default)

Chocolat Meilleure | Sugar Sugar Rune | Reserved (Slight Spoilers!) (1/?)

[personal profile] poland 2012-01-30 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: ♥ Chocolat is short-tempered and extremely feisty. No one can pick on Chocolat because she never gives them the chance to, spitting out a wave of insults or a quick kick to the shins faster than a word can pop out of someone's mouth. Mischief is her middle name, and is a firm believer in rule breaking and loopholes. If it impedes her process, then it doesn't need to exist. To her, there is always a way around something, or she'll just blatantly break a rule because they stop her from having whatever fun she's cooked up. Chocolat is a fighter through and through. Be it over a trivial matter or to defend something, a small war of venomous words or a scuffle, she's just about always ready to throw down.

♥ Most everyone upon meeting Chocolat assumes that she's rude, which....she really is. She has no real respect for elders and views them more as people who are set to cut her down when she's doing her own things. She's extremely blunt and forward in most situations. She's been called cheeky, saucy, crude, and flippant by multiple people on more than one occasion.

♥ Adventurous to a fault, Chocolat is almost constantly exploring or finding something new to do. Running around, finding an animal to play with, exploring a pond, climbing hills and cliffs is all in a days work for Chocolat. She constantly seems to be getting into something, and more often than not it lands her in trouble. She's notorious as a trouble maker and a spit-fire.

♥ Along with her almost compulsive need to find something to do, Chocolat is extremely rash. She thinks things through her way and sees no need to argue the point with anyone but herself, often simply following the beat of her own drum. Not think things through is often what gets her into trouble.

♥ While Chocolat typically wears pants and shorter skirts so her legs can be free, she's got a nice fashion sense. She wears high end apparel and knows how to look good. It's not particularly on purpose though. She recognizes cute things, but she just buys what she likes.

♥ Chocolat, though she talks tough and is rowdy, is extremely thoughtful and kind to friends. She constantly tries to help those in need and isn't afraid to extend a helping hand to someone in need. Her personality helps her make friends quickly this way; most seem quick to forgive her sometimes obnoxious mouth and unladylike demeanor because of her heart of pure gold. Chocolat is comparable to an annoying toddler in some ways: you just can't seem to really dislike them for long because their purity and innocence and genuineness wins you over in the end.

♥ Chocolat holds love at a very high value. Though not a romantic, Chocolat knows that love is extremely important and is very interested in the love of others. She's been known to help out a couple in crisis a time or two and because she hangs out with more boys than girls, girls will often times come to her for advice on certain guys likes and natures when they fancy him. Chocolat is always more than happy to help out her girl friends. Chocolat is cautious before feeling anything but friendship for guys as true love is something that can only happen once and will only fall for someone she knows is The One.

♥ Chocolat, being a strong individual, doesn't like it when people see her being sad or having a weak moment. She hides when she cries, runs off, covers her face, the whole nine yards. She thinks she's a lot stronger than she is, so when she does get emotional in a negative way, it surprises her and she reacts as thus.

♥ In the canon material, Chocolat starts out as an extreme of all the above personality traits, but matures into a young woman who is a lot more understanding of the world and herself. Her personality stays intact, though, she's just a little more mature and worldly and her immaturity doesn't show through as much as the volumes progress, espeically in the later part of the series as it becomes more serious.

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The Doctor [11] | Doctor Who (1/?)

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Player Information
Name: Heb
Timezone: GMT+1
Personal Journal: [personal profile] energi
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: nicefryingpan PLURK: hebbkun
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Miharu Rokujou, Masaomi Kida, Berwald Oxenstierna/Sweden
How did you hear about us?: Meeeep

Character Information
Name: The Doctor, in his 11th regeneration in the Doctor Who canon. In SH!verse, his name is John Smith (Lungbarrow), but he barely registers it as his name.
Canon Origin/Series: Doctor Who
Teaching Position and why it suits them: Muggle Studies - The Doctor probably is too all over the place to actually be a great teacher. However what he does love to see is the light in people's eyes when they figure things out almost by themselves, with just a little help from him. He loves guiding people into knowledge, understanding, whatever word you would like to use. And what he loves most is the human race, it interests him to no end. Especially muggles, because they are so strange and hard to place and absolutely facinating. Not to mention children, the part of the human race he loves the most and he wishes they just never would grow up, how easy it is for them to learn and how open they are to things and how perceptive they can be.

Suitability: The Doctor is highly unpredictable and some might consider him very unstable and dangerous. He is, however, highly aware about what he is doing and would never hurt anyone, less a child, on purpose.
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Out of school living location: Northampton, UK
Blood status: Pureblood
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The Doctor [11] | Doctor Who (2/?)

[personal profile] energi 2012-02-02 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)

Personality:The Doctor is definitely mad.

With that said, it should be pointed out that he is fairly harmless. He is somewhat scatterbrained, and he almost never makes any sense but that is probably mostly because he rambles. And he rambles. A lot. It's how the Doctor finds things out, how he deducts; his mind works so fast that he himself doesn't really follow, making the rambling his way of sorting out his thoughts, his way of remembering the things he has noticed without really noticing. Through his rambling, he goes through all the facts, the possibilities and solutions. Not necessarily in a order that makes sense though.

The rambling just proves how quick and energetic he is. He rarely stands completely still, always looking for a new puzzle or adventure or mystery. He loves the thrill of the hunt, and couldn't be happier when standing in the middle of the storm. The Doctor puts himself, and the genius that he is, highly above everyone and everything. He looks down on ordinary humans, is highly critical of them and sees the flaws of the human race and wants it to become better. Since he can't express himself like a normal person would or empathize with people, he comes across as very alien, especially when he puts himself and humans in different categories while speaking. He can come across as very mean without himself noticing, saying things that should be so obviously a rude remark but he himself doesn't see it. Sometimes though, he says these things to be mean and to hurt. When the Doctor gets angry, it is like an explosion. He is prone to quite violent, sudden outbursts and can give quite mean half-yelled scolding lectures. In canon, he is shown to kick things, or well, things that appear quite innocent except looking like his most deadly of enemies, just because they don't answer his questions like he wants them too. Instead of getting sad over most things, he gets judgemental and frustrated and very, very cold, even to his friends.

The Doctor is, however, very kind. Though not very noticable as his kindness comes in strange and eccentric forms, sometimes perhaps not the most noticable. He cares deeply for people, especially when it comes to children. In one episode, Amy Pond says "What if you were really old, and really kind and lonely, your whole race dead. What couldn't you do then? If you were that old, and that kind, and the very last of your kind, you couldn't just stand there and watch children cry", describing a star whale, but she was also talking about the Doctor; earlier in the same episode, he tries to comfort a lonely crying child even though he himself had just said that he and Amy shouldn't interfere. And while he himself often says that he lacks humanity, this regeneration of the Doctor is very willing to open himself to people, seeking casual contact and enjoying having friends. The losses that his previous regenerations had to go through seem to no longer affect him, though it should be noted that this Doctor shows his anger and frustrations much more.

Summa summarum: The Doctor is a mad alien, with a short fuse and a God Complex. He finds flaws in humans, and sometimes even in himself, and can be extremely judgemental and cold when he thinks you've done something wrong and he can lie. He is kind and loving towards his friends. He loves children, and he never wants to see them cry, and he also loves the human race, even though he can see all of it's faults, and maybe that is why he loves it. And though he is very, very alien he is also very, very human, with all his emotions and flaws and worries.

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Jim Moriarty | Sherlock; 1

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Player Information
Name: Eri
Timezone: GMT -5
Personal Journal: ishika_seki @LJ
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM – Yanderedere; MSN –
Email Address: see MSN
Former/Other Characters in the RP: Ivan Braginski - APH
How did you hear about us?: Have Ivan c:

Character Information
Name: James Moriarty
Canon Origin/Series: BBC Sherlock
School Year: 6th year
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen [By now? December birthday, so…]
Out of school living location: Killarney, Ireland
Blood status: Pureblood

Jim Moriarty | Sherlock; 2

[personal profile] yanderedere 2012-02-04 09:45 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Bored sociopath inside and out. It’s hard to get a read on dear Jim Moriarty, because he has an awful tendency to show those he’s interacting with what he wants them to see, and only what he wants them to see, which leads to him to, sometimes, crafting completely different personas for the purposes of what might amount to only one or two interactions. Gay, clumsy, Jim from IT. Hapless “actor” Richard Brooks, the storyteller from the television. Innocent cab driver. He’s a man of many masks, and it’s hard to peel them all away to get at the real man underneath. Not that many would want to. He’s an adder in the skin of a man, and will not hesitate to use anyone who will let him, and some that won’t. Nevertheless, he possesses a damning charisma, which he will not hesitate to use first, in place of force. It just so happens that half the time, that charismatic man is sugar-coating threatening messages. Using a childish story to illustrate how bleak one’s odds are looking, for example.

Despite his “only flaw” being that he is “so changeable”; the one constant is that he is extremely intelligent. He is capable at reading and assessing what to do in a situation at a moment’s glance, and it is no more difficult to read a person, for him, than it is to read a newspaper. Reading someone; however, does not lead to understanding them. Most, if not all, expressions of emotion other than frustration, boredom, or sadistic glee are, more likely than not, a facsimile of how he has seen others act, react, and behave. He might be able to act his way to a BAFTA, but that won’t necessarily mean he is sincere in the least, unless it benefits him in some way or another.

Canon Background: Wiki page for the series, to give an idea of the setting. Episode summaries further down the page have more plot than the rest of the page, though beware of spoilers. Moriarty himself is a bit of an enigma, showing up as the primary antagonist with his fingers in all of the pies of the crime-doings in London and abroad, though rarely (if ever) getting his own hands dirty. That’s what lackeys are for. Here is the wiki page for the character in the original novels he is based on.

Jim Moriarty | Sherlock; 3

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Jim Moriarty | Sherlock; 4

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Re: Wavered

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